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A human rights group working for the rights and protections of mental integrity and freedom from new technologies and weapons which target the mind and nervous system. For an overview of the issue click here.

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Mass Media and the Public"Caption: Allen Frey [man on left] like the Russians, has probed the effect of microwave radiation on animal organs. Herman Schwan's research [man on right] typifies the major American trend of looking for microwaves' thermal effects. DEBATING THE MICROWAVE DANGER: Some scientists believe the threat is small; other, including the Russians, believe it may be grave. Do they know something we don't? From: Microwave Debate by Nicholas Steneck, p.193. (MIT press, 1984, out of print).

Table of Contents

  1. What's New?
  2. Highlights
  3. Citations of Mind Justice
  4. Russian Research
  5. Experimentation Law
  6. Selected Projects by Mind Justice
  7.  "Interview With Elizabeth Rauscher: a physicist ahead of her time"
  8. Research and Information
  9. Allegations by Targeted Individuals from Around the World
  10. Future Plans for Mind Justice
How The Hippies Saved Physics

 I.  What's New?

New Mindjustice.org project completed.

New March 2014 Rauscher Oral History is added to the University of California at Berkeley Bancroft Library Regional Oral History Office Collections. See http://bancroft.berkeley.edu/ROHO/roho_news.html To view the Rauscher Oral History see this link.

In 2012, oral historian Dennis Preisler interviewed Elizabeth Rauscher about her life, including her work on the science behind electromagnetic radiation nonlethal weapons. The oral history was deposited in the University of California at Berkeley oral history collection and includes Dr. Rauscher's archival collection. A special thanks to three individuals without whom this project would never have been completed; first, Jean Maria Arrigo, Phd. and her extensive knowledge and professionalism in regards to oral histories; second, a dedicated Davis, CA. individual who worked extremely hard and wished to remain anonymous; and finally, a very generous donor. As Dr. Preisler and others have commented, Elizabeth is leading a fascinating life! So who is Elizabeth Rauscher?

Dr. Rauscher is a really nice and extremely smart physicist. In the 1970s, she had a Q government security clearance for her research on the cosmos with physicist Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb. She turned down offers to work on Star Wars and today she develops medical devices based on bioelectromagnetics to enhance health. In 2011, MIT professor David Kaiser published the book How the Hippies Saved Physics: science, counterculture and the quantum revival. Scientific American, New York Times and other major news sources have reviewed this fascinating book about Rauscher and George Weissmann, graduate students at UC Berkeley, California. Rauscher and Weissmann founded the Fundamental Fysiks Group (Group) in 1975, an informal weekly discussion group. Dr. Rauscher stated in the oral history:

But when I gave talks on it [electromagnetic radiation bioeffects on humans], I was threatened with a guy who was head of navy research for the whole navy. Paul Tyler [head of Navy medical research with an 800 million dollar budget]. If I spoke on my research, this was on the Capitol steps, they would destroy my work and my life. And my God, every contract [at the time] got canceled.

And I didn’t. I stopped doing radio and television with Bill. But that’s when we were married [after his wife divorced him]. This was in the mid ‘80s. And I’m thinking, God! You know, I mean, I grew up in a Republican family that believed in this stuff. I believed in this country and the Constitution. I’ll tell you what. There are some really nasty folk out there.

See also a Mindjustice.org article and interview on Elizabeth Rauscher here: http://mindjustice.org/rauscher.html

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 II.  Highlights

  • New  Torture, Asian and Global Perspectives, Volume 2, Issue 2, June-August 2013, cover story; Misled and betrayed: How US cover stories are keeping a Cold War weapon and illegal human testing secret by Cheryl Welsh, See Torture, Asian and Global Perspectives. For Mindjustice.org copy, click here. The Asian Human Rights Commission News page for September 25, 2013 features a review of this cover story here: http://www.humanrights.asia/news/ahrc-news/AHRC-ART-112-2013 A thank you to Jo Easton for her time and advice with respect to the final draft of this paper.

    Abstract: Since the 1950s, allegations of government mind control weapons (now called neuroweapons) and nonconsensual human experimentation and targeting have been dismissed as science fiction. However, with a closer look at the history and science of neuroweapons and neuroscience, an extremely alarming discovery becomes obvious: compelling new evidence supports that secret neuroweapons are highly likely to already be developed. This article discusses how and why nearly all experts were misled and therefore were completely wrong about neuroweapons, resulting in disasterous consequences. It describes two US Cold War cover stories (the official explanations given to disguise secret US programs) that have become obsolete. It argues that the public should be warned about the very real danger of secret US neuroweapons and a thorough impartial investigation of the allegations should also be conducted.

  • New  February-April 2013, Torture, Asian and Global Perspectives Volume 2 Issue 1, Essay; Massive new brain projects, secret science and emerging Cold War weapons: The threats are real by Cheryl Welsh. See Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives (http://issuu.com/humanrightsasia/docs/torturev2n1?e=5860122/2747442) Unfortunately, somehow the footnotes were left out of the published article. See the Mindjustice.org copy for original footnotes. Click here for Mindjustice.org copy. Click here for pdf. Not for reposting. Click here for background article.

    October 2012 Torture, Asian and Global Perspectives Magazine, Volume 01 Number 04 Essay: Modern Day Torture: Mind Control Targeting: Science Fiction or Hi Tech Torture? by Cheryl Welsh. See Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives. Click here for Mindjustice.org copy.

  • Essex Human Rights Review to publish online article 'Cold War Nonconsensual Experiments: The Threat of Neuroweapons and the Danger it will happen again' by Cheryl Welsh on June 1st 2012. Click here

    The author, Cheryl Welsh, would like give a special thanks to Annick Pijnenburg and Jo Easton of the EHRR for their tremendous patience and assistance in the editing of this article, my first academic article with original research. Please check back for a follow up article by Cheryl Welsh on the science of EMR neuroweapons.

  • The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Op-Eds:
    Outlaw nonconsensual human experiments now  by Cheryl Welsh, published online June 2009 at http://www.thebulletin.org/


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 III.  Citations of Mind Justice

  • New  February-April 2013, Torture, Asian and Global Perspectives Volume 2 Issue 1, Essay; Massive new brain projects, secret science and emerging Cold War weapons: The threats are real by Cheryl Welsh. See Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives (http://issuu.com/humanrightsasia/docs/torturev2n1?e=5860122/2747442)

    Unfortunately, somehow the footnotes were left out of the published article. See the Mindjustice.org copy for original footnotes. Click here for Mindjustice.org copy. Click here for pdf. Not for reposting.

    Excerpt and four illustrations from Background article:
    Cold War physics in neuroscience is now revealing the probability of a successfully weaponized brain by Cheryl Welsh, May 2013

    Click here for full background article.

    A hypothetical conversation on neuroweapons between a famous skeleton and a skull called Yorick.
    Question: "What facts are hidden in plain sight?"
    Answer: "When you find the missing biophysics, you find a weaponized brain nearby."
    VesaliusBook cover; On the Structure of the Human Body , Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564)


    Front page January 15, 1960 New York Times, “Khrushchev says Soviet will cut forces a third; sees ‘fantastic’ weapon,” by Max Frankel. The Premier also said Soviet scientists had “a new and fantastic weapon in the hatching stage.” Converging facts supports that Khrushchev may have been referring to secret neuroweapons.

    The Electrochemical Brain

    “[E]lectrical signals provide the most efficient method of transmitting information within the body. No living creature could survive without electricity, because the body is, in essence, an electrical machine.” (Chase, 2006, Introduction).

    Electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism are interconnected phenomena, including in the brain. All electromagnetic waves are mathematically identical with relationships along a continuum known as the electromagnetic spectrum, for example microwaves, light and also the kilohertz oscillations by the neurons in the brain. (Gilder, Telecosm, 2000, p. 16).

    The public needs to know very basic neuroscience required for neuroweapons development. This does NOT require rocket science or a neuroscientist to understand it but it does require information that has been missing in the public forum. Solving how the electrochemical brain works is both a physics and a biology problem. Since the 1950s, research on the bioelectricity of the brain--with the exception of the extensive research on the action potential of the brain cell called the neuron--has remained classified. At the same time, molecular biology and biochemistry dominated unclassified neuroscience research. To a great extent, neuroscientists continue to study brain biology without physics. At the same time, US government scientists have utilized both physics and biology of the brain and this almost certainly led to successfully developed neuroweapons.

    Classified Neuroscience research

    Biophysics, Bioelectronics
    In 1954, George Beadle, Nobel laureate and member of the Atomic Energy Commission advisory committee on biology and medicine, warned: Like many others, I see in our present security system a machine so complex in its operation that, once having been set in motion, it is almost impossible either to control or to stop. And I sense a real danger that it may destroy our way of life if we do not find a way to control it. (Who wrote the book of life? Kay, 2000, p.132).
    Electrochemical Brain"Side view of one half of the human brain

    Unclassified Neuroscience research

    Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
    In 2012, there were 40,000 members of American Society for Neuroscience with “massive representation of molecular biology, cognitive psychology and brain imaging.” (The good, the true and the beautiful, Changeux, 2012, p.317). Molecular biology is now expected to take the dominant role in the twenty-first century that physics played in the twentieth. (Design for life, DeChadarevian, 2002, p.1).

    NY Post"December 29, 1939 New York Post, “We're All Radio Stations, Columbia Scientists Reports, All Atoms, in Humans or in Steel, Found to Emit and Receive Long Waves."

    First two sentences from December 29, 1939 New York Post, “We're All Radio Stations, Columbia Scientists Reports, All Atoms, in Humans or in Steel, Found to Emit and Receive Long Waves."

    Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 29 (AP). Every living thing on earth is a radio broadcasting and receiving set unconsciously sending out and receiving long-wave wireless messages.

    Professor I. I. Rabi, Dr. P. Kusch and Dr. S. Millman of Columbia University told the American Association for the Advancement of Science today that all atoms, whether part of the heart tissue of man or a piece of steel, constantly emit radio waves which can be detected and measured.


    The US atomic bomb exploded and the world discovered the existence of a formidable secret weapon. By contrast, Cold War mind control weapons that target the brain, today known as neuroweapons, are another formidable weapon whose power lies in their surreptitious use and keeping them secret forever. Physics dominated the first half of the twentieth century. Cold War mind control weapons, now called neuroweapons, the atomic bomb, microwave radar, and signals intelligence were all being developed in secret research requiring physics which overlapped with the physics and technologies required to study the brain. In the unclassified research world, neuroscientists have focused mainly on molecular biology and biochemistry, not physics and bioelectricity. Even Obama’s proposed brain mapping project is completely focused on molecular biology. How did this happen? Molecular biology and biophysics were taking off in the 1950s but the biophysics bubble bursts in the 1960s. (Rasmussen, The midcentury biophysics bubble: Hiroshima and the biological revolution in America, revisited", History of Science 35: 245, 1997). It is a fascinating obscure history.

    The history of bioelectricity in neuroscience is about extreme controversy and limits

    In the twentieth century, the neuron doctrine was a guiding principle of brain research; that the brain cell called the neuron is the primary functional signaling unit of the brain and connects with other neurons. This is also the principle behind the so-called connectionist model. In the 1950s, Hodgkin, Huxley and Eccles formulated the ionic hypothesis and they were awarded the 1963 Nobel Prize for this discovery. The hypothesis states that the action potential of the neuron is the ionic current of potassium, sodium and chloride ions passing through pores in the neuron’s membrane. (Neuroscience, Kandel, Science, 10 Nov. 2000). In 1953, Eccles published the influential book The neurophysiological basis of mind: The principles of neurophysiology, which “laid out the future of cellular and circuit neuroscience.” (Gordon, p. 94). Around the world, “studies of the synaptic organization of the neuron” and its pathways took off and this area of research has remained dominant. The neuron doctrine is fundamental to modern neuroscience although without expanding its principles, it is considered incomplete and too simplistic to explain how brain biology is related to human behavior. Neuroscientists have confined their physics research methods to neuron action potentials. Regarding the electricity of the brain; little else is accepted as valid in mainstream neuroscience today.

    Also in the 1950s, in order to understand the mechanisms of heredity, a race to reveal the chemical structure of DNA took place in labs around the world. (Gordon, p. 19). Watson and Crick won the DNA race and the Nobel Prize. Eccles and much of neuroscience joined the new molecular biology and biochemistry approach to the study of the brain which would completely overshadowed the dominant biophysics approach of Eccles and others at the time. This was in part due to the increasing use of the electron microscope and arguably, because so much of physics research was classified. Biophyics was absorbed by molecular biology which culminated in the Human Genome Project, as well as by biochemistry and modern neuroscience. Molecular biology is one major area of science that has dominated neuroscience research. (Squire, Fundamental Neuroscience, Fourth edition, 2013, p. 9)

    Technologies to access the brain provide further clues of secret neuroweapons

    It becomes relevant that today, unclassified neuroscience lacks technologies that can access the brain remotely although such tools are based on well-known physics principles. Even Obama’s Brain Mapping Project is focused on molecular biology and does not include plans for technologies to access the brain remotely, in spite of the preference for noninvasive remote methods. For example, invasive surgeries performed on healthy human subjects in experiments are unethical. I. I. Rabi, cited above in the "radio receivers newspaper article, won the 1944 Nobel Prize in physics for his resonance method or radiofrequency spectroscopy. Rabi was one of nine scientists--mostly physicists—who played a role in the development of the MRI, a machine that can scan the brain at a distance, although with huge magnets nearby.


    The limited physics research in neuroscience is striking in light of the fact that brain electricity is one of two major areas of study essential to understanding the electrochemical brain. Even a basic understanding of the brain’s electrical system requires much more than the limited study of neuroscience today with its focus on the neuron doctrine, ionic currents and action potentials, and the connectionist model. Also relevant, in unclassified neuroscience research, non-remote technologies to access the brain have been limited to the brain implant, the EEG and scanning machines such as the MRI. Physics of the brain requires the study how the brain conveys and integrates information that results in human behavior; it requires the study of interactions of electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism in the brain, including in individual brain cells and groups and systems of cells. It requires measuring and studying how the brain communicates via direct currents, semiconducting electricity and EMR and magnetic waves of the brain. The importance of biophysics to the study of the brain was well known in the 1950s; nevertheless, for over half a century, neuroscience has completely ignored this area of physics. In particular, the brain as an electrical system has been scientifically established although not definitively proven or accepted in mainstream neuroscience.

    It sounds absolutely impossible. How could so many have been misguided by neuroscience and the physics of neuroweapons for so long? As the saying goes, "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail." Likewise, since the 1950s, prominent experts have overlooked obscure but critical information and thus have remained absolutely convinced that the science of mind control is science fiction. Today this unwavering consensus remains firmly in place. However the converging facts support that the science of neuroweapons has been possible since the 1950s. For these reasons, secret US neuroweapons are more likely than not successfully developed. Further research and investigation is called for.

  • New Post-Standard: Sunday Magazine Becker 11/63   October 2012 Torture, Asian and Global Perspectives Magazine, Volume 01 Number 04 to publish Essay: Modern Day Torture: Mind Control Targeting: Science Fiction or Hi Tech Torture? by Cheryl Welsh.

    See Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives   A special thanks to Ed Sacchette for referring me to Torture Magazine which resulted in the publishing of this article. Click here for Mindjustice.org copy. Not for reposting.

    For the first time, the Torture Magazine essay presents an outline of the neuroscience behind mind control, now called neuroweapons. It turns out that the history of neuroscience is revealing significant new evidence that such weapons may already be developed. Just one example of many illustrates the point. Experts agree that understanding, communicating and controlling the brain is a futuristic capability that has some similarities with a radio receiver which can transmit and receive radio waves. To develop neuroweapons with such capabilities requires information age science of semiconductors, solid state physics and bioelectronics, which is the application of electronics science to biology--including the brain. Information age science took off in the 1940s and led to science discoveries such as transistor radios, computers, "human transistors" and much more. Notably, the bioelectronics and "human transistors" research has been extended and has never been disproven. Nevertheless, this promising area of research remains obscure and at a rudimentary level of development. With a look back, two newspaper articles now illustrate some of the reasons why.

    First, the New York Post-Standard Sunday Magazine, June 30, 1963 newspaper reported on the start of the promising career of Robert O. Becker, a bioelectronics researcher. Moreover, according to a 1985 BBC documentary and a 2010 book, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) considered Becker's bioelectronics research to be reliable enough to depend on for national security purposes. In the 1960's, the CIA consulted with Becker about the possible use of Soviet bioelectronic weapons on U.S. figher pilots shot down over the former U.S.S.R. Nevertheless, almost 20 years later, the Syracuse Herald-American, February 15, 1981 newspaper reported that Becker's career had been "short-circuited by the establishment." Human Transistors Becker stated that his research was being derailed by several U.S. government interests because he spoke out publicly about possible health risks of related technologies. Furthermore, in the following 10 years, Becker went public by writing two books that described the U.S. national security establishment and its controlling interest and monopoly over this area of research since at least the 1960s.

    In the 1974 academic journal article cited below, Becker wrote: "In summary, it is proposed that all organisms presently exitant have hybrid data transmission and control systems. Short Circuited By The Establishment That the basic system consisting of the glia, satellite, SCHWANN continuum is an analog type handling data as a slowly varying d.c. potential generated and transmitted by an integral semiconducting or other solid state property. . . . It is particularly interesting to note that during the period of the maximum growth of computer technology and the development of cybernetics that one of the foremost scientists in this field, John Von Neumann, predicted on logical and mathematical grounds that such a hybridization of data transmission and control functions must exist in the biological world." It is true that promising theories about bioelectricity and the brain, including Becker's, have yet to complete the rigorous scientific process for definitive proof, however significant facts support that U.S. government interests have caused this obscure but critical area of science research to remain undeveloped while at the same time the comparable secret U.S. research could be advanced. Recently there has been a resurgence of interest in research on D.C. currents of the brain, glia as an overlooked brain communication system and analog as well as digital brain communication systems.

    Click here for Becker's article describing his bioelectronics theory: The Significance of Bioelectric Potentials, Bioelectrochem. Bioenerg. 1:187–199, 1974. Becker's scientific articles can be accessed for free from academic libraries. Click here for Becker's prestigious U.S. government award for this theory. Click here for citations of Becker's scientific research.

  • Coming in 2012-2013 Winter Season on History/Discovery Channel: Star Trek's Captain Kirk, William Shatner, narrates the TV program "Weird or What?"

    See http://www.history.ca/ontv/titledetails.aspx?titleid=255461 The last episode of the season will feature Cheryl Welsh discussing electromagnetic radiation (EMR) mind control technologies and her experience of remote advance EMR mind control targeting: "I never would have believed such advanced mind control technologies could exist if it hadn't happened to me personally. If it can happen to an ordinary person such as myself, it can happen to anyone. The targeting continues to this day only less so, but it is something you never get used to. I hope I can warn people about what it is like to be targeted and what amazing but horrific mind control technologies I experienced.

    What is new is that after 20 years of targeting and research, I think I've found the scientific basis for these weapons: bioelectromagnetics. That's the line of research that is essential for developing the most advanced remote EMR mind control weapons and that remains completely classified and missing from mainstream neuroscience research, even today. It's bizarre how this fact has remained out of view of most brain researchers for decades--thanks to the amazing power of U.S. secrecy methods and scientific dogma. However, finally the importance of such facts are emerging and are a part of the new evidence of secret mind control weapons. See Essex Human Rights Review on Mind Justice website for details.

  • University student Hoang Nguyen's speech on experimentation law placed in the top 24 in the nation at the 2010 American Forensic Association National Tournament, cites Mindjustice.org's research

    For copy of speech and background material, click here.

  • 2010 book published. If you are interested in a serious academic discussion about the issue of electromagnetic mind control, I highly recommend this book.

    Book Cover: Electromagnetic Mind Control Electromagnetic Mind Control Fact or Fiction? A Scientific View by V. N. Binhi, with a foreward by A. R. Liboff, Research Professor, Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida. Published by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. New York, 2010.

    Vladimir Binhi, a physicist at the General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, is well known for his work on bioelectromagnetics and magnetobiology. Dr. Binhi has intensively researched these areas for more than 25 years. Dr. Binhi has published more than 50 works in peer-reviewed journals. His main publications are in leading journals including Physical Review, Europhysics Letters and Biophysics. His monograph, Magnetobiology, with a foreword by Nobel Laureate A.M. Prokhorov remains unique in that it is entirely devoted to the physics of magnetobiology.

    The book is now available at Nova Publishers.com.

    A short book review of Binhi's book can be found at Sci Tech News, by Susan Fingerman, John Hopkins University Laboratory, 1-1-2010 Vol. 64 (2010) Issue 3.

  • Book Cover: Electromagnetic Mind Control

    The 2009 book Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science is Changing Our World by Zack Lynch cites Mind Justice. This book is a great overview of the growing relevance of brain science today.

    Page 177 on neurowarfare: "Extreme stories and wildy paranoid suppositions about such weapons are frequently posted on the Web site of Mind Justice . . . [Jonathan] Moreno believes that the various neuroweapons already developed, and those on the horizon, would never be operated within our society, but only against enemy combatants. But he qualifies that belief as being just one guy's opinion, and adds that it may be human nature, at least for most of us, to want to deny that potential negatives may be looming. "We already operate in comfortable self-denial," he says, "regarding how much is already known and shared about us from our credit card usage, Internet clicks, and so on. So it is not hard to understand why there are so many paranoiac ideas in circulation, even among articulate, educated and highly qualified people." . . . He has had several conversations with Cheryl Welsh, director of Mind Justice. Once he asked if there was any evidence he could present that might prove to her that she was wrong. Her response: "There isn't any way."

    See http://brainwaves.corante.com/archives/2009/08/18/wonderful_review_of_the_neuro_revolution_in_cerebrum.php
  • Original Book Cover "Torture Killing Me Softly" Tek Nath Rizal's 2009 Book Torture, Killing Me Softly Delivers the Coup de Grace
    by Cheryl Welsh, Director, Mindjustice.org
    December 2009

    The 2009 book Torture, Killing Me Softly by Tek Nath Rizal alleges government mind control torture with secret electromagnetic radiation (EMR) mind control weapons. Tek Nath Rizal was a prominent government consultant to the South Asian country of Bhutan, before he exposed corruption in high places. He became a popular political figure and internationally recognized human rights activist. His book is about his experience of several years of imprisonment in Bhutan with an emphasis on the EMR mind control torture. The U.S. Department of State and Amnesty International regarded Rizal as a political prisoner and won his release from prison. Rizal has written several books, some of which included his accounts of mind control torture. The books have been very successful in Southern Asia.
    Against all odds, he published this book, Torture, Killing Me Softly. Mindjustice.org extends our deepest thanks for his great effort and sacrifice. I highly recommend this well written, concise and ground breaking book. For the first time, a variety of medical, government and military professionals publicly acknowledge secret EMR mind control weapons for interrogation and torture in prisons and on POWs, prisoners of war.

    New Book Cover "Torture Killing Me Softly"More Information, including links to reviews by Cheryl Welsh, and news services.

    February 2011 update. Torture, Killing Me Softly has been re-released. This is the compelling story of the Bhutanese refugee movement and also mind control by its leader, Tek Nath Rizal. This edition includes an endorsement of the book by mindjustice.org. Now available, free download. See: teknathrizal.com

    The new edition of Torture, Killing Me Softly was edited by journalist Deepak Adhikari. Time magazine published an article on Nepal by Adhikari on January 26, 2011. See: deepakadhikari.net

  • New cable TV program on the mind control issue
    by Cheryl Welsh, director Mindjustice.org

    The History Channel, That's Impossible series, episode 6 entitled Mind Control
    August 11, 2009, at 10 pm pst.

    You may be able to view it at the History Channel; click on Full Episodes. It is available on itunes for $2.

    That's Impossible transcript now available here. Not for reposting.

    1931 Scientific experiment cited in 1997 MIT Press psychology book proves rudimentary subvocal thought reading is possible. Refutes Bioethics Commission expert's testimony. Click here for citations and information.

  • Cheryl Welsh, director of CAHRA [now Mind Justice] listed as one of six Non-Lethal Weapons Experts in the world in UNIDIR, United NationsInstitute for Disarmament Research 2002 Media Guide to Disarmament inGeneva.
    For full Media Guide see
    CAHRA [now Mind Justice] is listed on page 25, or see excerpt here. Media Guide cites Welsh article "Non-lethal weapons-A global issue" at Nonlethal Weapons - A Global Issue  
  • Secrecy News by Steven Aftergood, FAS, cites CAHRA [now Mind Justice]
  • Endorsement by Dr. Eldon Byrd
    Eldon Byrd was a Medical Engineer with an MS from The George Washington University. He was a POLARIS submarine expert for industry, and held various positions in the US Government, including Strategic Systems Analyst, Operations Research Analyst, Cryogenic Engineer, Head of the Department of Defense Environmental Projects Office, Project Manager for the Navy's Metal Matrix Composites Program, and Project Manager of the Marine Corps Non-Lethal Electromagnetic Weapons Project. His contractors for this project included Drs. Ross Adey, Michael Persinger, and Robert Beck.
    He is considered to be an expert in the biological effects of extremely low frequency magnetic fields.
    He was the technical consultant for the book "Maze", by Larry Collins, and was directly involved in the evaluation of Igor Smirnov's "Psychodiagnosis and Psychocorrection" technique while Smirnov was in the US. Dr. Byrd died on Dec. 30, 2002.
  • The Scientific American, October 2005 article entitled "The Forgotten Era of Brain-Control Chips" by John Horgan, cites Mind Justice. "...Other Web sites ...deplore it as a government mind-control plot, www.mindjustice.org". Click here for brief citations. To see relevant excerpt, click here. Access and download the entire article from Scientific American pay-per-view electronic archive at www.sciamdigital.com.
  • Book Cover: Mind WarsCheryl Welsh is cited in Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense by Jonathan D. Moreno, Ph.D. On page ix,  “Acknowledgements  Mind Wars grew out of a wide variety of conversations and experiences. Among those who provided me with specific assistance on problems I confronted as I explored this largely uncharted territory were . . . [list of seventeen names including Cheryl Welsh].” For book review, see Nature, Vol 443, 26 October 2006 page 911, Battlefield between the Ears by Charles Jennings.

    2007 JAMA book review, click here.

    2007 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Online) book review, click here.

    2007 National Catholic Reporter book review, click here.

    Cheryl Welsh has prepared a relevant article, The 2006 Government Mind Control Debate and Book Review (300k). Also available are a smaller file of just the Summary (30k) and a pdf file (600k).
  • New 2012 paperback edition Mind Wars, Brain Science and the Military in the 21st Century. See:

    Book Cover: Mind Wars http://www.americanprogress.org/events/2012/05/mindwars.html

    Without Professor Moreno, it is unlikely mainstream press and the public would know about the growing importance of emerging brain research. However, it was published after new key information became available on the debate over how advanced the decades of secret brain weapons research could be. See Essex Human Rights Review on the Mind Justice website. In early 2012, Moreno was invited to join the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) International Bioethics Committee. Moreno will serve as one of 36 independent experts on the International Bioethics Committee.

  • January, 2008 Los Angeles Times obituary for Walter Bowart, a giant in mind control activism. Walter was someone who genuinely cared about the human race and especially those targeted with mind control. Then he did something about it. Working with Walter as a founding director of Freedom of Thought Foundation was an honor for me. While thwarted and targeted himself, he perservered and broke new ground for mind control activism. He started the first ever mind control human rights group and newsletter in the early 1990s. He did more research and published a new version of Operation Mind Control. I will remember Walter for his understanding when almost the whole world did not.
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IV.  Russian Research

  • For over ten years, V.N. Lopatin, a former Russian duma member, has worked to pass the 2001 Russian law banning electromagnetic weapons. Lopatin's 1999 book Psychotronic Weapons and the Security of Russia is available at the UC Berkeley library and included an outline of the threat of psychotronic weapons and war and the importance of public relations concerning this global threat. Lopatin has a law degree and is currently the director of a large private firm in Moscow.
    V. N. Lopatin interview for 2006 Project Censored academic paper on mind control weapons. Lopatin wrote: "Entering a new century, humankind is facing a choice between war and peace again, but this time this is not a land or space war, not nuclear or chemical, but an information war. . . . Nevertheless, introduction of limitations of manufacturing and circulation of this kind of weapon, international ban on information wars, may and should be done." The Lopatin interview contains new information on Russian laws, for example, prohibiting the "making and (or) distribution of TV, video, movie programs, documentary and feature films, and also computer files related to special mass media and programs of processing of information texts, that have subliminal messages, influencing people’s subconscious . . . "  Click here for full translation.
    Description of fundamental publications of V.N. Lopatin about problems of research in the sphere of informational security. Books (monographs, scientific publications, books, textbooks). Click here.
    V.N. Lopatin's answers to Project Censored interview questions, click here.
  • 2006 published Russian science article discusses the 2001 Russian law on the prohibition of electromagnetic weapons:

    Bioelectric Terrorism: Analysis Of Possible Threat
    Grigoriev O.A.1, Grigoriev Y.G.2, Stepanov V.S.2, Chekmarev O.M.3
    1. Center of electromagnetic safety*, Moscow
    2. SSC (State Scientific Center) Institute of biophysics, Moscow
    3. Center of State sanitary control of administrative department of President of the Russian Federation, Moscow

    The principle possibility of the use of biological action of the electromagnetic field (EMF) by terrorist elements is examined, and also the respective possible ways, methods and aims of electromagnetic influence on bio-object, corresponding measures on warning of negative consequences of such influence are analyzed. The article is prepared on the basis of the materials of lecture by authors at the 2nd International conference "World association against globalization of criminality and terrorism", holding in Moscow on January 20-21, 2004.
    See book excerpts here.

  • As reported in Los Angeles Times, January 29, 2005 "Giving Until It Hurts;"  by Kim Murphy,  "...In 2001, President Vladimir V. Putin signed into law a bill making it illegal to employ "electromagnetic, infrasound ... radiators" and other weapons of "psychotronic influence" with intent to cause harm. An official note  attached to the bill said Russian scientists were trying to create "effective methods of  influence of humans at a distance."  Actual russian law and background information posted here.  
    Russian Mind Control Weapons: New 2005 Information and Brief Update
  • UC Davis Russian Psychotronics Book Translation Project
    2001 Russian Book Translation Project Results.  Also available as a pdf.
    Psychotronic Golgotha by by N.I. Anisimov, 1999
    Russian Protestors' photos, from the book, with comparisons to U.S. protestors
    1999 Russian book on psychotronic weapons by L.I. Terehova, Moscow
    Letter of Appeal to World Community from Russian human rights group
    Russian federal law on electromagnetic weapons
    Draft law with detailed descriptions of psychotronic weapons, Nov. 2000.
    (Many thanks to the generous translation work of Ramon Ruelas.)
    Russian/U.S. International Coalition Formed
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V.  Experimentation Law

VI.  Selected Projects by Mind Justice

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VII.  Research and Information

  • The Mind Control Debate is Over. What Next? by Cheryl Welsh, director, Mind Justice, February 2008. An Adobe Reader pdf Version is available (143k).
  • In Contravention of Conventional Wisdom, CIA “no touch” torture (also available as a pdf) makes sense out of mind control allegations, by Cheryl Welsh January 2008. The similarities are striking, as if a government manual for mind control targeting has been found. Now studies of allegations have a scientific framework from which to begin.

    Cheryl Welsh was invited to speak about mind control allegations at a recent workshop on ethics and interrogations by the workshop director, Jean Maria Arrigo PhD. Dr. Arrigo commented on this article. Jean Maria Arrigo, PhD, is an independent social psychologist and oral historian whose work gives moral voice to military and intelligence professionals. See, for example, Arrigo, J.M & Wagner, R. (2007). “Torture Is for Amateurs”: A Meeting of Psychologists and Military Interrogators. [Special issue]. Peace and Conflict, 11 (4).

  • Washington Post covers mind control victims: a significant step forward in gaining the attention of the U.S. media to their serious plight both in this country and around the world.  Click here for details .

    Washington Post Front Page
  • 2005 Government Mind Control Debate

    Four prominent experts weigh in on the 2005 government mind control debate
    1. Gloria Naylor, author of 2005 book, 1996, 1983 National Book Award winner
    2. Jon Ronson, New York Times reviewed author, journalist
    3. William Arkin, military analyst, Los Angeles Times columnist secrecy expert
    4. Richard Garwin, Council on Foreign Relations nonlethal weapons report co-author
  • 2005 update:  The convergence of the cold war history  of mind control and electromagnetic weapons with new post cold war government neuroscience research programs-new and fascinating information
  • International Documents in Support of Claims of the Existence of Electromagnetic Anti-Personnel Weapons
  • Electromagnetic Weapons: As Powerful As The Atomic Bomb
  • Research Possibilities -- Reliable Newspaper and Magazine Sources Document Proof of Mind Control Technology
  • Best video documentaries...
  • 2000 CAHRA [now Mind Justice] Research Report - growing evidence. Available as pdf and rtf.
  • May 1998 CAHRA [now Mind Justice] Research Report - Speculative conclusions, but inevitable future public issue of new technologies. Available as pdf and rtf.
  • January 1998 CAHRA [now Mind Justice] Research Report - Feasible facts but not known or accepted by the general public
  • Timeline of Significant Events in the History of Electromagnetic and Neurotechnologies
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VIII.  Allegations by Targeted Individuals from Around the World

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IX.  Future Plans for Mind Justice

  • Mind Justice, a new name and direction for Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse by Cheryl Welsh, director, Mind Justice

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