Zapped Person
Graphic courtesy Eleanor White

Targeted Individuals
of Experimentation and Harassment
using Electromagnetic Radiation
and Non-Lethal Weapons

Russian Targeted Individual                      Russian Targeted Individual
1990s Russian journal article pictures, reflecting universal themes common to mind control victims of many countries, particularly the U.S.; mind control is the latest version of the centuries old practice of torture

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Vicki Casagrande testifies before presidential committee
The first organization for microwave targeting -- no longer in existence
Letter from the Association of National Security Alumni to Cheryl Welsh
Man held in attempt to mail Clinton a bomb
Dan Rather Identifies Attacker
Hong Kong professor sues U.S. for mind control
Peace women fear electronic zapping at base
The first class action lawsuit for microwave targeting
Mildred Cooper is a still very active octaganerian activist now
Example of an advertisement on mind control
Victims from around the world. This book is entitled: "Impeaching the Misuses of the Electric Waves as a Weapon"
Mother and children allege microwave targeting. Delores Hejazi died of throat cancer
More about Delores Hejazi:  Hi-tech intelligence tools. -Yet another Classified Intelligence Program. Similar to the FBI Cointelpro Program.
One of many cases filed by prisoners -- JONES v. AULT cite as 67 F.R.D. 124 (1974)
Electromagnetic and Mind Control Technology Ex-Con Plans Class Action Suit, Claims Prisoners Brainwashed Former Prisoner Raises Question of Mind Control
New 2002 Evidence confirms San Quentin ex-prisoner's 1960s claim of mind control experiment
2006 Book, Remote Control, The Battle For Your Mind, published

Many targeting individuals such as Vicki Casagrande testified about mind control targeting before this presidential advisory committee.

21st Meeting National Bioethics Advisory Committee

May 19-20, 1998
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio
Day One: Tuesday, May 19, 1998
Here is the url for this testimony:

Public Testimony

Ms. Casagrande: Thank you for having me today. You should all have a booklet that looks like this. I am here as a representative of victims of telebiostimulation and control resource, but we call it research. If you could turn to page --there is a definition just below for you who aren't familiar with the term. Telebiostimulation and control is the manipulation of biological processes by the use of --

Dr. Shapiro: Excuse me a moment. I really want you to wait until we can really hear properly to give you an opportunity. It's still not working. It's still not working well.

Dr. Shapiro: If you would like, perhaps, to sit on the corner here. You just use that and you just sit in the chair there.

Ms. Casagrande: Here at this one?

Dr. Shapiro: Either one would be fine.

Ms. Casagrande: Is this better?

Dr. Shapiro: Thank you very much.

Ms. Casagrande: Oh, no problem. I am here as a representative of victims of telebiostimulation and control. If you'll turn your page, I have a definition just for those of you who aren't familiar with the technology, and what it's all about. Telebiostimulation and control is the manipulation of biological processes by the use of telemetry. This technology tapped into the networks of research or targeted living organisms and input signals into the organisms neuronetworks. Telebiostimulation and control were used in neural networks where the brain goes beyond simply recording thoughts as they are processed within the mind. Instead, technology is capable of placing thoughts, feelings, sounds directly into the mind and relaying signals to muscles, making them contract and/or release. A little bit about myself. I am an engineer. I have a masters degree. I have worked for one of the Big Three in Detroit. This technology is being used on myself, and subsequently I have lost a lot of my life. I am now working again. I'm a senior engineer for a small firm and trying to regain my life. And I'm here today to explain the technology and try to add credibility to what's going on out there. The next page is a listing of nonprofit organizations that are either existing or becoming existing, not something most mental patients usually do. We are forming. We are gathering together, and we will be a viable force if we have anything to do with it. The next couple of pages just give you references to those two other organizations. The next page, victims; very nontechnical, but this is what we have. This is how we document what's going on out there. Many victims receive audio communication, which is placed directly into the brain's neural network. As an example of this technology, the sound of a bird singing outside your living room window can be duplicated exactly when you're sitting down in a cave 200 feet below ground level. Victims are frequently subjected to sleep deprivation and dream control. Sleep only occurs when and for the duration determined by the controlling party. Also, a victim could be shaken with panic one minute, and may be asleep like a baby the next. It's that fast. This isn't something that happens in mental patients. It's like that. They control it totally. Muscles can be twitched or contracted, either lightly, or violently. If not to complicate matters, these effects can be placed into the brain as a sensation, meaning that the muscles felt like a twitch, but it's not really. And as a victim it's just one of the many things we go through. Victims have felt cold on an 80 degree day, and we have felt warm standing out in snow in shorts. It overrides everything you actually feel, and makes you feel what they want you to feel. As mentioned earlier, this is a scary party because you can ignore the victims but this is how it effects everyone. Thoughts can be placed unnoticed into the human mind. Also, current thoughts and past experiences can be read from the brains memory banks, and victims are often subjected to memory blockage, and to the retrieval or at the discretion of a controlling party. I realize this is a lot to say, and it's scary. But I'm here today to try and get through, and it needs to be dealt with. It's been covert. It's been under the rug. It's time. It's getting scary. It's going to take a lot of people. And the next page. This is to show you that this is believable. This isn't fiction. Walter Hess, back in the early 1920's to 1940's, started working with electrodes within the brain, not just on the surface. He was able -- and this is in a book that anyone can get from the library. I went to my library and pulled it out. "A cat's sudden changes in behavior startled him. The tiny surge of electricity in the cat's hypothalamus, a part of the limbic system, turned the gentle animal into a ferocious beast." Hess discovered he could also control the animal's heartbeat and breathing. He was controlling an animal's heartbeat and breathing in 1940. He won a Nobel prize for this technology in 1940. Unbelievable? It's written, it's documented. José Delegro -- Delgado -- I said his name right. Another scientist came along. He took up where he left out. He did the exact same thing, but by use of telemetry. Wires were not needed. He implanted, used implants. Started in 1950, he was doing this research. Suddenly, we have a break. We don't hear much anymore. Did somebody drop the ball? We're not looking into the mind? I don't think so. It's when an undercover CIA got into it. If you've heard of NK-ultra. It's not talked about. This telebiostimulation has been talked about. Usually, you hear about different things that the CIA tried to do next. I don't have a lot of answers. I just know what's going on. Next page. This is something that we have researched and found. The review of magnetic neurosurgery research. And over here more than 30 years ago investigators using magnetic fields to navigate clinical implants through neurovascular systems. It really ties in implants 30 years go. And now with the advent --and then you have to flip quite a few pages. With the advent of computers, the talking nanochips. If you're --I'm in the engineering field, so I'm very familiar with nano, microscopic. And you're talking computers, microscopic implants. Who knows? We think about as a victims group, we try to get imaging. We even wonder if that would help. Also, we're trying to work with anechoic chambers, trying to see if we are generating a signal. We must be generating signals. Obviously, we are receiving signals from somewhere else. It's hard to get someone to believe you. In groups we seem to fare better. But, again, it's the researchers, what they do first is get us flat-on-our-back broke, and then we scrounge up from there trying to recover what we had. Families often try to put us in mental facilities. You just spend your lifetime -- you spend quite a few years trying to recover. And to be honest, you only recover if they allow you --you wander. Again, the next page is just more proof of how much we know about the human mind. Here is the mapping. This is a mapping photo, but yet they don't seem to ever talk about thought, think you may have thoughts.

Dr. Shapiro: I'm sorry to interrupt, but you have to draw your comments to a close. We're over five minutes.

Ms. Casagrande: Okay.

Dr. Shapiro: If you could draw your comments to a close.

Ms. Casagrande: Outcome, I just know victims, present victims, we hear a lot from those from 1950's, 1970's. They have actual implants that they found in the '60's and '70's, which is believable. We are not finding many implants in ourselves, also believable. Another one is a letter in there from an actual official in New York, who said that we -- that she believes that she admits that the technology is out there, but yet it's classified and she can't discuss it. This is the most interesting thing I have is from the French National Bioethics Committee. I won't read over that, but maybe you've heard about it. They are starting to look into this, because of imaging technology. They're saying it can read thoughts, and it's possible to read thoughts and I would like you to do the same. The last page may be a little blunt. As victims, we get very frustrated. I apologize for those of you who don't even know what I'm talking about. For those of you who do, please we need your help. I don't have -- I guess that was it. I have a bunch of just listings of names and some pictures of what's going on out there.

Dr. Shapiro: Thank you very much, and thank you for the effort of putting the material together.

Ms. Casagrande: Thank you for listening to me.


Secrecy and Government Bulletin

[Steven Aftergood writes about the first organization for microwave targeting -- Julianne McKinney of the Association of National Security Alumni -- no longer in existence]

Article Title

Non-Lethal Weapons

Secrecy is obstructing public awareness and discussion of the emerging field of so-called "non-lethal weaponry," a development that may have profound and possibly alarming implications for military strategy, law enforcement, and civil liberties.

Non-lethal weapons refer to systems that damage or disable enemy personnel or equipment, but stop short of killing people. For example, the non-lethal category would include technologies that incapacitate enemy forces by temporarily blinding or disorienting them, making them violently ill or putting them to sleep. "According to Army officials, at least seven non-lethal munitions programs are being pursued by service and national research facilities," including the Army's Harry Diamond Laboratories and Los Alamos National Laboratory (National Defense, October 1993,p.25). In addition, there are persistent reports of non-lethal weapons programs conducted on an unacknowledged, special access basis.

Janet Morris of the U.S. Global Strategy Council, a proponent of non-lethal weapons, believes that "We can better serve our national interests at home and abroad by projecting power without indiscriminately taking lives or destroying property." In a recent position paper, she has identified some two dozen non-lethal weapons anti-personnel and anti-materiel technologies and called for the development of a national non-lethal policy and strategy to promote and guide their development.

But the articulation of such a policy, including its proper limitations, has been stymied, she says, by the rigorous secrecy imposed on the subject.

In many cases, the non-lethal approach merely involved minor modifications in existing weapons systems or in the manner in which they are used. On the other hand, in some of its more exotic variants, non-lethal weaponry includes behavior modification systems and even mind control devices.

Subtle influences of auditory and other stimuli on mental processes have long been recognized but are not well understood. "I also know," St. Augustine wrote, "that there are particular modes in song and in the voice, corresponding to my various emotions and able to stimulate them because of some mysterious relationship between the two." (Confessions [unreadable])...

"The Russian capability, demonstrated in a series of laboratory experiments dating back to the mid-1970s, could be used to suppress riots, control dissidents, demoralize or disable opposing forces and enhance the performance of friendly special operations teams, sources say (Defense News, January 11-17, 1993, page 4).

A preliminary report by Julianne McKinney of the Association of National Security Alumni on "Microwave Harassment & Mind-Control Experimentation" surveys the field and presents anecdotal accounts of alleged harassment. Since allegations of government harassment and mind control are also associated with some forms of mental disorder, these accounts are difficult to evaluate.

In any case, the potential for abuse of such research is self-evident. Yet there has been little or no discussion of the proper parameters for research, let alone application, because of the government's aggressive classification of the field. As so often seems to be the case, Congressional attention has been deflected by the secrecy surrounding the programs already underway in government laboratories. Meanwhile, even advocates like Morris are distressed by the degree of secrecy, which they believe is unwarranted and counter-productive.

The American Defense Preparedness Association will hold a symposium on Non-lethal Defense at John Hopkins University on November 16-17. Topics for discussion include emerging technologies and "adoption and assimilation of these systems into the force structure." The conference is classified Secret.



Letter from the Association of National Security Alumni to Cheryl Welsh

[Addresses removed]   

McKinney Letter
Dear Cheryl:

Again, my apologies for the delay in getting this out to you. Being a one-person Project, with a wide variety of commitments and obligations, I simply have not had the time to be able to respond to incoming correspondence with any degree of speed and dispatch.

Be that as it may, I would like to thank you for your $50.00 contribution. In turn, I am enclosing a copy of Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation, along with copies of a number of published articles and items of correspondence which are directly germane.

Having read through your file, I am struck by the similarity between what has been going on in your case and in numerous others (my own included).

I mentioned to you the case of the woman in Nashville who has been recording conversations overheard in a local restaurant, in the expectation that those tapes can be used as evidence of conspiracy in a court of law. Her case involves the "tooting of car horns," the "wailing of sirens," and the tauntings of neighbors, in direct response to her expressed and unexpressed thoughts. Until approximately 1989, she was a regional sales manager. She is now unemployed, occasionally homeless, and otherwise living with her mother, whom she regards as a "government facilitator" in these mind control operations.

"Noise campaigns" are a standard part of these mind-control experiments. In your case you appear to have been regarded as ideally suited for a prolongation of this facet of the experimentation, perhaps because of your strong emotional response, ...

The last I heard, you were looking for evidence to support your belief that environments are manipulated for individual mind-control/harassment purposes. What you might want to do, if this remains an area of primary concern to you, is dig up anything and everything on Operations MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO--CIA and FBI operations used ultimately against Vietnam War protestors. You might also want to look into tactics employed by the government during the red-baiting days of Joe McCarthy. All sorts of "dirty tricks" were played on U.S. citizens during these respective eras, some of which could conceivably qualify as "manipulation of the environment."

You might also want to get your hands on some of the books now being sold by publishers specializing in militaria; i.e., which specifically concern "dirty tricks." You may also want to contact some survivors of government harassment during the Vietnam Era, some of whom filed suit against the government. Jane Fonda was one of the more renowned.

I hope that this information will be of some assistance. Again, good luck.


Julianne McKinney
Electronic Surveillance Project


Man held in attempt to mail Clinton a bomb


by Joseph A. Slobodzian
Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer

January 8, 1997, B2

A North Philadelphia man who authorities say made a series of threats against public officials last year has been charged with mailing a "Molotov cocktail" to President Clinton.

Joseph Washington, 31, of the 1300 block of Ridge Avenue, was charged Monday with mailing an explosive device after postal officials X-rayed a padded envelope he mailed to the White House on Thursday at the Fairmount branch and allegedly discovered a plastic bottle filled with kerosene or lighter fluid. the device never detonated.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary E. Crawley said she could not comment on where Washington was being held.

A federal law enforcement official said, however, that authorities agreed not to take Washington into custody after he voluntarily admitted himself into a psychiatric facility.

According to an affidavit by Richard Weber, an agent with the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Washington's envelope never left the Fairmount postal branch, at 900 N. 19th St.

When postal officials at the Fairmount branch saw that the bulky envelope was addressed to the White House and Clinton, the affidavit says, they ordered it examined.

The X-ray of the 101/4-by-91/4-inch yellow envelope showed the plastic bottle, the affidavit says. The bottle was about three-fourths full of a liquid and had a homemade wick attached to the cap. Some of the liquid had leaked out of the bottle and saturated a two-page letter addressed to the President.

According to the affidavit, the letter tells Clinton to "tell the Philadelphia Naval Base to stop trying to brainwash me into killing people with covert E.L.F. electronic weaponry" and asks for "compensation for being a research test victims."

The letter warns that if Clinton failed to act, Washington would "start killing political people," the affidavit says. The letter threatens the lives of the President, Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Clintons' daughter, Chelsea according to the affidavit.


Dan Rather Identifies Attacker

Article Scan

by Newsradio 88 Staff

It took ten years, but finally we find out about the bizarre attack on CBS Newsman Dan Rather on Park Avenue.

Rather says he now knows who mugged him and muttered the notorious line, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" back in 1986.

He tells the Daily News he's learned who it is from a psychiatrist who examined the suspect after the fatal shooting of an NBC technician outside the Today show studios in 1994. That psychiatrist, says Rather, says there's no question it was the same man--49-year old William Tager.

Tager is in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter.

When he mugged Rather, he apparently was demanding the frequency used to transmit hostile messages he was convinced the news media were beaming into his head.

Note, according to YAHOO: R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe, who said of the Dan Rather incident, "It remains the premier unsolved surrealist act of the 20th Century. It's a misunderstanding that was scarily random, media hyped and just plain bizarre. The attack inspired the 1994 R.E.M. hit "What's the Frequency, Kenneth." Being a good sport, Dan Rather even accompanied the band when they performed the song on a Late Show with David Letterman. According to the psychiatrist, Tager thought if he could just find out the correct frequency, he could block those signals that were constantly assailing him. Hence the enigmatic inquiry.


Hong Kong professor sues U.S. for mind control

Article Scan

NOTE: Another allegation of mind control.  With a closer look, mental illness can be ruled out.

The South China Morning Post reported on Jan. 25 that an assistant professor at the University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong, has filed a $100 million suit against the U.S. government for implanting mind-control devices in his teeth. Huang Si-ming charges that the devices were implanted during root canal work in 1991 while he was studying at the University of Iowa, according to Morning Post reporter Patricia Young. Another student at Iowa U who, like Huang, was born in China, had gone on a shooting spree, and the feds, Huang says, put the devices in his teeth to find out if he was involved.

The Hong Kong professor says he suffered an Alzheimer's disease-like memory loss that hampered his teaching. It stopped, he says, only when he sought legal aid to mount his lawsuit. Besides the U.S., the suit names the University of Science & Technology on the grounds that it was involved in continuing the mind-control work. It also seeks punitive damages of $1 million from the defendants for "low ethical standards."

Huang claims that one of the devices in his teeth can read his thoughts and talk to his mind when he's asleep. A second device, he believes, transmits pictures of what he sees to a receiver for recording. The mind controller, he says, can drive him to "bad" behavior, he gives two examples, one of which cannot be mentioned in a family magazine.

Neither the university not the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong would comment on the suit, according to reporter Young.


Doctors investigating claims of Greenham radiation cases

Peace women fear electronic zapping at base


The Guardian
Monday March 10 1986

By Gareth Parry

Doctors are compiling a report on the condition of a number of Greenham Common peace women who have had symptoms which are consistent with the known neurophysiological effects of electromagnetic waves, or low level radiation.

These symptoms range from headache and dizziness to difficulties of concentration or memory. Fears of electronic "zapping" have led peace women at the camp to keep a record of ill-effects reported by their groups over the past year.

Claims that this has revealed a pattern of illness will be presented by the peacewomen at a media briefing in London today. They will report that at least 40 women present at different points around the nine-mile perimeter of the American cruise missile base have experienced similar symptoms, at the same times.

Dr. Stephen farrow, chairman of the Medical Campaign Against Nuclear weapons said yesterday: "We are now compiling evidence about the claims made by the women. There is obviously a great deal of interest in what they say; it seem feasible, although a lot of it is anecdotal, and we'le very thin on evidence."

Dr. farrow, who is senior lecturer in epidemiology at the University College of Wales Medical College said that academic research into similar claims was being conducted in Canada.

The symptoms could be related to the powerful and secret electronic microwave satellite communications apparatus used at the missile base. If this is so, it would indicate unhealthy emissions are being radiated into the Berkshire countryside.

On the other hand the American military have an intruder detection system called BISS, Base Installation Security system which operates on a sufficiently high frequency to bounce radar waves off a human body moving in the vicinity of a perimeter fence.

A similar British system has been developed and has been acquired by the Ministry of Defence since April, 1984. Security at Greenham is a British responsibility but it is not known whether equipment of this type has been installed.

Some Greenham women believe that the symptoms are the result of an attempt to drive them away from their protest siege of the missile base.

Other peace women claim they are being assaulted by what the military calls electronic warfare, as part of a "field trial."

The Greenham women claim that meter tests outside camp, taken at times when women have experienced the symptoms, have shown a marked increase in background microwave signal levels. they also say the symptoms are more pronounced when cruise missile convoys leave the camp.

The Ministry of Defence denies that any form of electronic signals are being use on the women.

Air Force Accused of "Zapping" Protesters

On Guard

Women peace campers at Greenham Common, England, claim that they are being attacked by the US electronic weapons from within the US airbase there. They believe that some form of electromagnetic wave or other signal is being directed at them and is responsible for a number of illnesses they have suffered over the past year.

Symptoms range from mild headaches and drowsiness to bouts of temporary paralysis and, in one case, an apparent circulatory failure which required emergency treatment. Women have also complained of sharp pains and problems with speech coordination. A team of doctors from the Medical Campaign Against nuclear Weapons are compiling a report on the condition of the women affected.

The women first noticed a pattern of illnesses emerging in 1984. They discounted food or water poisoning as a cause and started to suspect interference from inside the base. They found that women at different points around the camp appeared to have experienced similar symptoms at the same time, even when they were not in contact with one another.

They believe there is a deliberate intent to make life difficult for them and so drive them away. Some of the worst affected women now find it impossible to stay around Greenham for more than a short period of time.

Electronic weapons are know to have been used by security forces on a number of occasions. The Americas are reported to have used ultrasound to disorient and demoralize their enemies during the Vietnam war and a number of American police forces are believed to have carried out trials with infra-sound generators mounted on the back of trucks. The high intensity, low frequency pressure waves these produce are said to cause vomiting, nausea and a range of other disturbances and to induce fits in those who are subject to them. American medical groups have protested against the proposed use of these weapons for urban riot control.

Microwave radiation is also believed to have been used as a weapon at various times. The most celebrated instance was the irradiation of the US Embassy in Moscow during the 1950s, '60s and '70s. It has never been made clear whether the Russians used the signal as a weapon or for surveillance, but a television documentary screened last year reported a high incidence of cancer amongst ex-Embassy staff and suggested that disorders of the blood and nervous system could also have been caused by the signal.

The women at Greenham Common suspect that more than one type of frequency of radiation is being used against them. They say that the symptoms vary from time to time and seem to reflect what takes place on the base. Large numbers of women have complained of sudden feelings of extreme tiredness shortly before major events, such as the departure of a cruise missile convoy and on other occasions when their activities might have proved particularly awkward for the forces using the base.

We have conducted a number of tests around the base in cooperation with journalists from other organizations. Readings taken with a wide range signal strength meter showed marked increases in the background signal level near one of the womens' camps at a time when they claimed to be experiencing ill effects.

On another occasion, previously low signal levels near the camp rose sharply when the women created a disturbance just outside the perimeter fence of the base. Whether this indicated an attempt to subdue the women by electronic means or merely the use of a radar surveillance system it is impossible to say.

The signal levels measured were well above normal background levels but still within official safety limits. however, there is evidence from a number of sources that low levels of electromagnetic radiation can have harmful effects especially where exposure takes place over a long period of time.

British Defense officials have denied that any form of electronic signal is being used against the protesters.

--courtesy, Electronics Today


[The first class action lawsuit for microwave targeting]

Microwave Weapons


Microwave News
November/December 1998

Human Testing Lawsuit Dismissed...In September, a lawsuit brought by the International Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW) was dismissed in the U.S. district court in Washington. "We were asking the court to enforce a presidential memorandum which bans involuntary research on human subjects," said the group's director, Harlan Girard. The Philadelphia-based organization had alleged that the DOD and the CIA have conducted such experiments in their efforts to develop weapons systems using EMFs, lasers, microwaves and sound waves (see MWV, M/J98). The judge ruled that the group did not have standing to bring suit because the people alleged to have suffered from such testing were not ICOMW members. She acknowledged that girard himself was a member, but stated that his own complaints were "too generalized and nonspecific to support a complaint." Girard told Microwave News that the ICOMW could not afford an appeal. Instead, he said, the committee plans to raise the matter with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. A new report from the Coalition Against Torture and Racial Discrimination, an alliance of 15 U.S. human rights groups, states that the lawsuit's charges deserve attention. "Given the past history of secret experimentation by the government," the anti-torture group declares, "these allegations of continuing...government-sponsored human testing should not be dismissed without more thorough, impartial investigation."


Woman fears government zapping


Sun Journal
New Bern, NC
September 28, 1992

By Janet Blackman
Sun Journal Staff

Mildred Cooper's world is different.

Electronic government weapons are zapping burns in her face and overhead power lines emit rays that stab her back and make her brain feel swollen. She says she gets zapped in her home, her car and even in church on Sunday mornings.

She admits to some age spots on her hands, but the other faded brown spots on her arms and face were caused by the electronic weapons being used the the Central Intelligence Agency or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, she says.

She does not know why she is a target.

Cooper, a 72-year-old grandmother, has lived in Trent Woods since 1989 after having moved from Richmond, Va. she has a gray Dodge in the driveway, neatly trimmed shrubs cut away from the picture window int he sitting room. She has keyed locks on all her windows and three keyed locks on each door.

She has three rooms filled with books and magazines about the CIA -- a magazine called Microwave News, published in New York for $250 for six issues; newspaper clippings of a Cleveland, Ohio, woman who claims she killed her daughter with a 10-inch butcher knife after being zapped by a scret CIA mind controlling computer; "The Search for the Manchurian Candidate," a fictional novel by John Marks; "Maze" by Larry Collins, another fictional piece about the CIA using mind control tactics; and "Currents of Death" and "The Zapping of America" both by Paul Brodeur about the dangers af boing exposed to certain types of electricity.

Cooper says the CIA and FBI have persued her from Richmonds. She says she is allergic to electricity.

Cooper says she noticed things had changed in 1979 -- the year she was divorced from her husband and fired from her job of 37 years. That year she began having abnormal heart beats and headaches that made her brain feel swollen.

She says all the medical doctors she saw in Richmond told her nothing was wrong, other than hypoglycemia.

"That's what they all said," she says, "nothing's wrong."

In between doctor's visits in England, Sweden, Finland and Canada, she began feeling like she was being watched and listened to. But a private detective's search of her house turned up no listening devices, so she became convinced other methods of control were beind used on her.

She moved south in 1989 after the pain in her back became too much to bear because Trent Woods has underground power lines encased in steel and Craven County was not as industrial as Richmond.

But she says the CIA and FBI followed her to the quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of New Bern, about 20 miles from the world's largest Marine Corps air station.

She thinks someone broke into her home in August 1989 by taking the molding and glass from her garage door, picked the lock she had installed on the door and then replaced the molding and glass.

She says whoever broke into her home took her files about secret government weapons, genealogy records she had spent years researching, a sirver casseroled dish and games her two children has played with when they were younger.

A self-described devout Christian, Cooper says she is sure the powers that are tormenting her are evil. She dous not know why they are after her.

"This is not of God," she says. "Our government now is contolled, we don't know who it is controlled by. I think the CIA, the FBI and the military are evil.

"We don't have any physicians over here that I can ask" she says. "Now where would my sensitivity to electricity end and where would torture begin?"

She has been called paranoid when she would tell her story to the FBI in Richmond. She has tried to educate the public about the secret weapons and allergies by writing senators, newspapers and suing various branches of the government without any of her cases ever going to court.

"When you've been hit with...," Cooper says as she rubs a faded brown mark on her left cheek below the rim of her glasses. "You are paranoid. You are scared to death when you've been hit with electricity. It's like sticking your finger in a socket."

"The first question you ask when a person says I'm sensitive to electricity is, "'How do you know?' " Cooper says. "Well, I diagnosed it myself by process of elimination. When I'd go out in my back yard in Richmond and feel like I was being stabbed in my back. What is out there that could cause it?"

Cooper knows she is opening herself up to more harassment by telling her story. But she does not care so much about that, she says.


Humans used as guinea pigs

Newspaper Scan

Sun Journal - Opinion

Sun Journal
New Bern, NC
Friday, October 2, 1992


Referring to the article in the Sun Journal about my research in the field of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (NIER) ("Woman fears government zapping," Sept. 28), I wish to correct a few discrepancies.

There is much proof that the U.S. government has directed energy weapons and/or frequencies, and are using human beings as guinea pigs without their knowledge and without their permission. The CIA has also used hard drugs in its Mind Control program. "The Search for the 'Manchurian Candidate' " by John Marks is the story of how the CIA brought hard drugs into the U.S. and used them indiscriminately on whomever they chose -- at times even on other CIA agents. This book is not fiction; it is the story of the CIA and Mind Control. John Marks, the author, is a former Senate aide and former State Department official. The book, "The Manchurian Candidate," may be fic- [text lost in copy]

In June 1986, the book "Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology" was compiled by Lt. Col. David J. Dean, U.S. Air Force. This book is for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., for $14. The chapter titled, "The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict" by Capt. Paul E. Tyler, MC, U.S. Navy, states on page 256, "With today's sophisticated weapon system, one does not have to totally disable individuals to render them ineffective for combat. For example, if their timing is altered or their cognitive processes are degraded these individuals may be unable to operate their equipment (fly their aircraft, make the proper decision with computer-operated systems, or successfully complete related action. ... A large part of this paper may read like Buck Rogers. ... Many readers will say that some of these ideas and concepts do not fit with their current concepts and theories of physics and biology. ... Most of the medical science I learned in medical school more than 25 years ago is not valid today." I want to emphasize that Capt. Tyler is a medical doctor in the U.S. Navy.

In listing the effects of electromagnetic radiation, Capt. Tyler states, "They are not exhaustive and do not include many of the effects reported in the Soviet and East European literature." (Capt. Tyler did not list the adverse effects). In other words, these adverse effects of NIER are "classified" in the U.S., because they come under the "Star Wars" program. This is not classified information in many other countries.

The major break-in at my home was on April 21, 1990, and not August as reported in the article.

I was not "fired" by Seaboard Coast Line Railroad. My position was abolished, as were those of about eight other women when we filed EEOC complaints against the company for sex discrimination. The terms of the settlement were negotiated, and when I was not offered a position comparable to the one I had, I reluctantly took early retirement. To abolish a position after a person filen an EEOC complaint is a violation of federal law.

Mildred M. Cooper

New Bern


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Mahnameh Metro

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Hearing Voices?
Mind Control?

Mind control is far from being science-fiction concern, and constitute a serious risk to society.

Advances in cerebral imaging capable of being used at a distance will open the way for abuses such as invasion of privacy, Control of behavior and brain washing.


Jean-Pierre Changeux Institue Pasteur in Paris   (Nature magazine 1/22/98)

Today, we have the intellectual, physical and financial resources to master the power of the brain and to develop devices to touch the mind and even contol or erase consciousness.

Mari Jibu And Tarcisio Della Senta Ph.D.   Un. University Tokyo Japan   1999 Declaration

Bombing minds is the warfare of the new millennium, the Pentagon has developed the ability to transmit voices, and inflict pain, madness, even death.  (Alex Constantine, Author).

physical torture, mental cruelty and hearing voices among many other complaints of mind control it's been reported for many years.

The Medical profession unquestioningly accept any patient exhibiting Schneiders first rank symptoms as Suffering from schizophrenia.

callousness of U.S. government to prosecute, investigate these criminals destroys the entire bill of rights and frankly negates the constitution as any kind of effective document governing a Democratic Republic, and is an insult to any kind of belief by American Citizens that our country stands for the right, upholds and defends Human Rights.

Those committing this atrocities are serial killing, sexually aberrant, sadistic murderers equal to any Mengeles in past historical context. Ms. J Carey (victim).

My father did not understand this technology, I was not able to show him the increasing documentation of mind control. He died, believing that I was mentally ill.  Cheryl Welsh (victim)

More information: Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse  [now Mind Justice]
Freedom of Thought Foundation

Books: The Body Electric-Mind Control within the U.S.- Mind control World control - Psychic Dictatorship-The Zapping of America-Virtual Government-Operation Mind Control-Human Guinea pigs-The Secret Team

Related Patent: Philip L. Stocklin  U.S. Patent #4,858,612  Jan Eric Herr  U.S. Patent #5,675,103

Write to: Mike Sadeghy  P.O. Box 768041, Roswell, GA 30076

Contributions: CAHRA [now Mind Justice] (N. Profit O.) Wells Fargo Bank, Davis, CA Acc. #6024-345406  Tax ID #91-1834651

Our goal is to inform, educate the public and shed light on this technology, with your help we can continue to make a change and bring a reform in the governmental and medical, mental health policies and develop a court Advocacy program which assist victims, and enforce the Constitution of the united states.


Mind control, Microwave and electromagnetics frequencies, Injectable Microchips (Brain transmitter)



Victims from around the world.
This book is entitled: "Impeaching the Misuses of the Electric Waves as a Weapon"

The Author        Japanese Book Cover

February 16, 1999

Ms. Cheryl Welsh

Dear Ms. Welsh,

Here I send my book with the compliments of the author. The direct translation of the title is "Impeaching the misuses of the electric waves as a weapon." In this book, I appealed my sufferings by the electric harassment and non-electric harassment. Before I published this book, I sent letters to the world leaders to appeal the danger of the misuses of the electric waves. This book includes those 7 letters. I attach 6 letters of them. I sent the first and second letters to the leaders of 190 nations. Though this book is written in Japanese, I think you can understand an outline from those letters.

I also sent this book to the President Clinton.  I received his reply, very short comment. The copy is included in the letter dated September 8, 1997.

I also attach another letter to the President Clinton dated March 4, 1998. I describe my honest opinion about the misuses of the electromagnetic wave. As the misuses are totally beyond the normal mind, it is so uninteresting matter to tackle not only for normal people but also for the victims. This is a so serious matter.

I attach "Mind-Control in Japan" though you already read it.

My homepage will be based on above materials. It is my pleasure to have your suggestion and comment.

Sincerely yours,

[Japanese characters]

Terukatsu Ishibashi


This collection presents testimonies of Japanese victims of mind-control technology. these were provided by members of the Mind-Control Victims Association of Japan set up on January 25th 1998. There were 16 members as of the end of June, 10 of whom testified.

According to these testimonies, the problem is being caused by the perpetrators that misuse mind-control technology and by their assistant groups that behave as their hands and feet. the sufferings of victims are divided into three types of harassments, that is electric harassment, annoyance harassment by assistant groups, and a combination of both. Sufferings by the electromagnetic waves in the Japanese version are very varied. this means that the electromagnetic waves can be misused in many different ways. There are, of course, common types of misuses. These common types of misuses suggest that a lot of crimes might be perpetrated by this technology's misuses. Some serious crimes taking place in Japan these days do not seem to be natural for Japanese society. This reality makes one presume the presence of outside factors, for example, mind-control technology. The fact that the problem is a key to understanding our society indicates that the perpetrator is also deeply involved in Japanese society. The situation would be similar in other countries. The problem must be an inevitability of human history though the total reality is still hidden. Once people become aware of this problem in human history, the right approach to solving it will be found. Human beings cannot continue to unless the 21st century will be established as the time of all mankind. I believe it will be the first step to the age of all mankind to disclose the misuses of mind-control technology. Can human beings recover human history as their own history? It is impossible to do so unless we understand the existence of the hidden history and its reality. Once we are aware of these, we will also become aware of the existence of secret groups that have embraced mind-control technology. The secret groups have manipulated human history, and they have misused the technology as their latest weapon to complete their world domination. Human beings can realize the problem in human history through understanding the above. The 21st century will be a time of conflict when public history becomes real history. We must never again permit hidden history to establish the age of all mankind. When human beings are able to find a way to conquer hidden history, the way to the age of all mankind will be opened widely.


Mother and children allege microwave targeting
Delores Hejazi died of throat cancer

Newspaper Headline    Newspaper Pull-Quote

A Parma woman charged in the fatal stabbing of one daughter and the wounding of two other daughters believes the government controls the [unreadable] and are bombarding here and her family with laser beams, a psychiatrist testified yesterday.

Dr. Dallas D. Erdmann of the Cayanoga County Court Psychiatrist Office testified yesterday that Delores Hejazi suffers from chronic paranoid schizophrenia and delusions that render her incompetent to stand trial.

On Jan. 30, Hejazi, 34, allegedly plunged a 10-inch butcher knife into the chest of her daughter, Jennifer, 10, at their home on Daleside Dr. Another daughter, Katie, 2 was stabbed in the neck and a third daughter, Sarah, 8, was stabbed in the chest and stomach.

Hejazi allegedly also stabbed herself in the stomach and nearly severed her hand from her arm.

Erdmann told Common Pleas Judge Thomas J. Pckorny that while Hejazi understood court proceedings, she was not competent to stand trial because she could not help her lawyers in preparing her defense. She is charged with one count of aggravated murder and two counts of attempted murder.

"She has a number of delusions and she discussed the concerns she has made over the past two years of being repeatedly attacked and tortured by government agencies, beam weaponry and laser technology." said Erdmann, who examined her for 4 hours over two days. Other forms of torture included sexual recordings and death recordings, and she and her children suffered laser burns and joint pains."

Erdmann said he believed Hejazi's mental illness began about three years ago. She was hospitalized at Parma Community Hospital in September 1989 and at Deaconness Hospital in July 1990, he said.

Hejazi's unwillingness to understand her illness kept her from weighing the possibilities of her defense. Erdmann said, including pleading not guilty by reason of insanity, which she has refused to allow her lawyers to do.

Jeffry Kelleher, Hejazi's lawyer, said Hejazi believed giant computers controlled the world and that the government was out to destroy her because her research had uncovered the government's plot.

[unreadable] Kelleher said, "There is evidence it was an altruistic act."

Kelleher said his client wanted a jury trial so she could tell the world what was happening. She has written numerous letters over the years to the Pentagon, government officials, television journalist Geraldo Rivera and others, alleging a government conspiracy.

Erdmann said that if Hejazi was confined and required to take psychotic medications and drugs, she could become competent to stand trial in a year.

Assistant Prosecutor Lonjak said he believed Hejazi was competent and should be tried.

Pokorny will continue the [unreadable] next week.

[End of article. Note that Delores Hejazi was in touch with mind control victims groups who believed her case was not mental illness but government mind control. Hejazi was diagnosed with throat cancer and died shortly after being committed to a mental institution.]


Prisoner's Case

JONES v. AULT cite as 67 F.R.D. 124 (1974)

Original Text From a Law Book

Final Order

Plaintiff has responded to the several queries addressed to him in the Order of this court dated November 19th. The questions sought to ascertain the basis in fact rather than mere conclusions as to use at Georgia State Prison of a machine or device by which Jones' brain is probed and monitored by electric or parabolic sound waves designed to achieve behavioral control.

Claiming voiolation of his constitutional rights as to freedom of thought and against unreasonable search and seizure, cruel and unusual punishment and deprivation of due process, plaintiff sues for damages persuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983. 1

In petitioner's answer to the questions propounded by the Court, he admits that he has not seen the machine nor has any other inmate, to his knowledge. "But we know that they exist by the powers of perfection." Jones says that cross-examination of "Behavioral Biologists" and psychiatrists is necessary in order to prove that he is being subjected to a Behavior Modification Program by use of "parabolic waves or a strange alien current or radiation waves". Plaintiff informs the Court that the device may be located at Reidsville but that the "most likely place" at which the electronic machines are set up is at the Central State Hospital at Milledgeville.

The waves particularly attack the pituitary gland which, petitioner says, is the most important portion of the "emotional brain". However, they are directed at various other parts of his body, causing such symptoms as itch between the legs and his private parts and in the rectal area; hunger after eating; sleeplessness; sexual self-excitation; loss of memory; sluggishness; depression; paranoia; fire in the stomach and chest; migraine, et cetera.

Plaintiff alludes to the development of sophisticated electronic devices which are capable of picking up whispers in a room and broadcasting them to a receiver a half block away. I am cognizant of modern developments in that field. Indeed, space-age, microminiaturized electronic gadgets make it possible to attach radio receivers to experimental animals with implanted electrodes being activated by remote control so that selected regions of the hypothalmus may be electrically stimulated to produce aggressive or submissive behavior as well as sexual and appetitive responses in animals. 2

1. After this court's first Order, an identical complaint filed by Jones in the Northern district of Georgia was transferred to this jurisdiction for convenience of parties and witnesses. That action is consolidatied with the case now before this Court.

2.  C.U.M. Smith. The Brain. Towards an Understanding (Putnam Sons. New York, 1970) 236-239. 244-245. "The implantation of [not readable] ...haviour has become a common technique ... Among the specific behaviour patterns that have been evoked by electrical stimulation at different sites in the brain are eating, drinking and fighting." Keith Oatley. Brain Mechanisms and Mind (E. P. Dutton. New York. 1972). 127. The technical papers and studies cited by these two autohros include: J.M.R. Delgado. "Free behaviour and brain stimulation". ...

Note:  JONES v. AULT was dismissed as 'frivolous' by the judge. Cases filed by alleged mind control victims do not even reach the discovery phase of typical court cases. Nearly 100% of the time, the judge will dismiss the case and the reasons given are that the legal system does not recognize mind control technology as real and therefore the claim could never be proven in court, therefore the claim is described as 'frivolous', i.e. a legal term meaning the case is unprovable, and is dismissed.


2006 Book, Remote Control, The Battle For Your Mind, published

Steve Lynch describes his truly harrowing experience of targeting with mind control. For more information, contact Steve at PO Box 99, Lyons IL  60534.


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