Tek Nath Rizal's 2009 Book "Torture, Killing Me Softly"
Delivers the Coup de Grace

by Cheryl Welsh, Director, Mindjustice.org
December 2009
Copyright Cheryl Welsh

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The 2009 book "Torture, Killing Me Softly" by Tek Nath Rizal alleges government mind control torture with secret electromagnetic radiation (EMR) mind control weapons. Tek Nath Rizal was a prominent government consultant to the South Asian country of Bhutan, before he exposed corruption in high places. He became a popular political figure and internationally recognized human rights activist. His book is about his experience of several years of imprisonment in Bhutan with an emphasis on the EMR mind control torture. The U.S. Department of State and Amnesty International regarded Rizal as a political prisoner and won his release from prison. Rizal has written several books, some of which included his accounts of mind control torture. The books have been very successful in Southern Asia.

Against all odds, he published this book, "Torture, Killing Me Softly." Mindjustice.org extends our deepest thanks for his great effort and sacrifice. I highly recommend this well written, concise and ground breaking book. For the first time, a variety of medical, government and military professionals publicly acknowledge secret EMR mind control weapons for interrogation and torture in prisons and on POWs, prisoners of war. For example Rizal writes:

Dr. Gurung had served in Military for twenty years. He had actually worked for four years in the quarter guard unit where prisoners were kept and the mind control methods were used on them for procuring information and as a form of torture. He was also surprised that how I was alive, even after this torture. He also understood the gravity of my case as he had been well aware of the ill-effects of this kind of torture.

A highlight of the book is a foreword by Dr. Indrajit Rai, a Nepal member of the Constituent Assembly, and an influential conflict/security expert who is often quoted in South Asian newspapers. Rai is director of the British Gorkha College, Nepal, and served fifteen years in the Indian Navy as Lt. Comdr. Rai taught at Army Staff College, Katmandu for seven years. The title of the foreword is, "Mind Control Device on Tek Nath Rizal." Rai described Rizal as one of the "historic political personalities" of South Asia and corroborated Rizal's account of mind control torture, surveillance and targeting, with references to Rai's military sources from his own extensive military background. Rai advocates the banning of mind control weapons.

Rizal's book sounds like a science fiction horror story about torturers using futuristic brain torture tools in a very medieval fashion. But the facts show that it is much more. The U.S. and other major governments have harnessed science and technology to develop secret electromagnetic radiation (EMR) mind control weapons for intelligence purposes, for interrogation and torture, and for neutralizing the enemy without killing. Included below is a list of EMR mind control weapons monitored by the UN for decades.

In the late 1980s, Tek Nath Rizal was a member of the National Assembly and of the Royal Advisory Council in the small South Asian country of Bhutan. Rizal says poverty, lack of education and ethnic cleansing are major problems in Bhutan, a beautiful country known as the "last Shangri-la." Rizal exposed government corruption and advocated for an oppressed group of Bhutan's population, and as a result, King Jigme sent Rizal to prison in 1988.

Tek Nath Rizal was finally sentenced in 1993, to life imprisonment for charges including treason and sowing communal discord. With pressure from the U.S. Department of State and major human rights groups including Amnesty International to release Rizal from Bhutanese prison, after ten years of harsh prison life, Rizal received a pardon from the Bhutan government.

Rizal's book is one of the most convincing allegations of government mind control targeting in a long line of high profile mind control claims of torture and political repression. Another case is the 1997 book, "Mind Control Within the United States," by Kai Bashir. The book, (available on amazon.com,) is a riveting and chilling account of mind control targeting in another small South Asian nation; Pakistan. Bashir's mother had tutored the sons of Z. A. Bhutto, President of Pakistan.

In her book, Bashir included her mother's letter of recommendation from the Pakistani government with a Pakistani government official seal. As a child in the 1960s, Bashir was friends with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto. Like the prominent Rizal, Bashir also describes remote torture, mind reading, manipulation of dreams, and mind control of her life. Bashir also described the targeting of her children with mind control torture. She now lives and teaches in the U.S.

A list of several cases similar to Bashir's claim and Rizal's claim is included below. Rizal's book tells of his personal experience of mind control torture in Bhutanese prisons, the guards who talked about mind control weapons, and the many other prisoners in that part of the world who allege the same horrific torture and mind control treatment. On page 166, Rizal wrote;

During another visit of the ICRC, I again informed them about my mind being controlled. This team included a Sri Lanka based interpreter and he said; "I am very sad that you are undergoing torture through mind control. You should consider yourself fortunate that you are still able to communicate with us. If you look at the Sri Lankan Tamil militants and Kashmiri militants who are also being tortured in the same way, you would not believe since they have lost all their senses."

Rizal says that for him, the mind control torture, targeting and surveillance continues to this day, confirming what most mind control victims around the world also say.

Rizal is a realist and he understands human behavior well. His book is an honest account of the many officials and friends who did not believe his claims. This is not surprising as most people believe advanced mind control weapons are still in the realm of science fiction. Whether advanced U.S. government EMR mind control weapons have been developed or not, is an unanswerable question. The weapons have been a national security secret since the beginning of the Cold War.

It's happened before in World War II. Unbelievable reports have been dismissed with devastating consequences. Max Frankel, the famous New York Times reporter and editor wrote the biographical book, "The Times of My Life and My Life with the Times." Frankel wrote;

There is no evidence that The Times set out to suppress such reports [of Nazi Germany's extermination of the Jews in death camps.] Some of them surely struck the editors, as they struck even Jewish observers, as unbelievable wartime propaganda designed to demonize the Germans. Even Jews trapped in Nazi-held territories long doubted the whispered news that they were being uniquely and systematically exterminated. (Frankel ,425)

Reports of mass extermination camps were dismissed as unbelievable wartime propaganda. Similarly, reports of unique and systematic targeting with secret mind control weapons have been dismissed as science fiction or mental illness. As history has shown, in the name of national defense, the unbelievable may well be true and should be investigated, not dismissed outright.

Rizal wrote that his book was written in part, for future generations to know his experience and the hidden truth about mind control weapons and torture. And Rizal is tirelessly working towards a UN treaty that will cover EMR mind control weapons, and also for recognition of EMR mind control weapons human rights abuse.

The best reason for reading "Torture, Killing Me Softly"

Unlike the atomic bomb, there has been no meaningful public debate about mind control weapons because the weapons have been surrounded in secrecy for over half a century. In a democracy, this is wrong. Should the mind control weapons be developed without any public input? That's exactly what has happened. A letter dated January 22, 1947 by Albert Einstein described the importance of public debate;

"Through the release of atomic energy, our generation has brought into the world the most revolutionary force since prehistoric man's discovery of fire. This basic power of the universe cannot be fitted into the outmoded concept of narrow nationalisms. For there is no secret and there is no defense; there is no possibility of control except through the aroused understanding and insistence of the peoples of the world.

"We scientists recognize our inescapable responsibility to carry to our fellow citizens an understanding of the simple facts of atomic energy and its implications for society. In this lies our only security and our only hope, we believe that an informed citizenry will act for life and not death."1

Since the CIA's EMR mind control research began in the 1950s, not one U.S. EMR mind control weapon has ever been revealed to the public. How will the public ever find out when mind control weapons are developed? After reading Rizal's book, you will want to protest and call for an investigation into the horrific allegations, and also advocate for new laws and treaties for secret mind control weapons.

Rizal eloquently warns the world: the major world powers have developed and deployed secret new weapons more powerful than the atomic bomb in very evil ways.

Touché Tek Nath Rizal!


1. A. DeVolpi, G. E. Marsh, T. A. Postol and G. S. Stanford, "Born Secret The H-Bomb, the Progressive Case, and National Security," (Pergamon) (1981) 248.

The book publisher's ordering information is posted here:  http://www.apfanews.com/torture-killing-me-softly/

I. EMR mind control technologies tracked by the UN and human rights groups since the 1950s.

2008, Washington Times, October 2, 2008, "Neuroscience wakeup call; U.S. lags in ability to monitor Iran and China," Kelly Hearn.

Iran and China are developing the ability to use sophisticated neuroscience, while U.S. intelligence officials find themselves ill prepared to monitor scientific advances that could threaten U.S. interests, a new report commissioned by the Pentagon says. The report for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) calls on U.S. intelligence officials to closely monitor global advances in neuroscience.

Although a handful of emerging nations are said by experts to be gaining capacity to conduct neuroscience research, the study by 16 scientists under the auspices of the National Research Council (NRC), a nonprofit institution that provides advice on science and technology, focuses on just two. . . .

Meanwhile, such nations as India, Brazil, China and Iran are increasing their capabilities in fields related to neuroscience, a fact that worries U.S. intelligence officials concerned with threats involving "neuroweapons" that act on the brain and nervous system.

The NRC panel, consisting of 16 scientists given classified and unclassified briefings from about two-dozen U.S. institutions doing neuroscience, looked abroad for emerging science threats.

The panel used open-source journals and Internet documents to show that China and Iran are growing their capacity to conduct sophisticated science. Yet despite receiving classified briefings from U.S. officials tasked with preventing "foreign technology surprises," the panel came up with no proof that Tehran or Beijing is engaging in classified military work dealing with neuroscience or technology. . . .

Unlike some committee reports on sensitive subjects regarding intelligence or national security, this report does not contain a classified appendix. Christopher C. Green, the committee chairman and a clinical fellow in neuroimaging at the Detroit Medical Center, said that's because the committee received a number of classified briefings from U.S. government sources but got little useful information.

"We asked them to tell us their impressions of what is going on that might be of value in neuroscience and neurocognition, in particular over the next 20 years in China, Iran and Korea," said Mr. Green, who also is the assistant dean, Asia Pacific, of the Wayne State School of Medicine in Beijing. "We never got answers we thought were interesting."

See National Research Council (NRC) Report for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), "Emerging Cognitive Neuroscience and Related Technologies" Posted at http://www8.nationalacademies.org/onpinews/newsitem.aspx?RecordID=12177.

*Mindjustice.org editor's note: The above 2008 NRC DIA report makes no mention of EMR mind control weapons despite the extensive UN documents below. And Christopher Green, chairman of the 2008 Report is "the fox guarding the henhouse." Green formerly worked for the CIA's Science and Technology Division from 1969 through 1985and monitored unclassified sources for emerging technologies that could affect national security, including paranormal and mind control claims. See http://paranormal.lovetoknow.com/True_Stories_of_the_Paranormal. Green would be unlikely to reveal any mind control weapons to the public. For example, while Green was working at the CIA, the Boston Globe, July 7, 1989 reported;

[Larry] Collins research on the theories of the paranormal and brain and behavior modification is impressive. . . . He began his writing career as a correspondent for UPI and Newsweek.

He interviewed William Casey, CIA director and asked "Could we influence human emotions and behavior; are or were such experiments now going on?" "This is not a subject we're going to discuss with you or anyone else," he quoted Casey as saying. Casey's pro forma response was enough for Collins. "I knew I was on the right track."

1991, London Guardian, February 2, 1991, "War in the Desert, Electronic Weapons," Simon North.

Field of nightmares, Magnetic energy you can neither smell, nor see sounds like the basis for the ultimate weapon. Simon North looks at the electronic armory being developed that can disorientate, stun or kill, and leaves no hiding place. Is it sufficiently advanced to be used in the Gulf?" . . .

Heavily-censored papers released under the US Freedom of Information Act testify to the existence of Pandora. By piecing together their disclosures with the testimony of top scientists, along with occasional information entering the public domain, albeit obscurely, it is possible to establish that a new genre of electronic weapons is being developed both in the US and Soviet Union. . . .

But how would such weapons work? Everybody knows that microwaves of sufficient intensity heat things up, that is how microwave ovens work, but about low frequency, non-thermal effects there is more skepticism.

In many ways, the skepticism is understandable. Most of the research in this area has been financed by the military, and at a crucial stage went 'underground'. Independent scientists have found it very difficult to obtain funding to research in related areas.

To accept that our biology and brain function is affected by electromagnetic radiation requires us to change our notion of how the body functions. Even though the body is basically an electrochemical system, modern science has almost exclusively been concerned with the chemical aspect. . . .

In 1984 the Ministry of Defense ordered that all advertisements and references to 'frequency weapons', be cut from the Defense Catalogue. In a 1986 paper by Captain Tyler of the US Navy published by the Center of Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education in Alabama, Tyler wrote; "The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide-ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations. Some of the potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breeches of security at military installations, and antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare." . . .

Whether more powerful long-range stun or kill weapons are either feasible or near to production is impossible to assess.

But last year a clue was given by retired Air Force Lieutenant-General Perroots. Until January 1989, Perroots was head of the U.S. Defence Intelligence Agency. The DIA, unlike the CIA, is allowed to use 'mirror imaging' in its reports, that is attributing one's own motives and weapons capabilities to the 'other side'.

Perroots wrote in a magazine in March last year that he thought the Soviets would begin deploying battlefield beam weapons within the next two or three years. On that estimation, such weapons could be deployed next year.

1976, Federal Times, December 13, 1976, "Microwave Weapons Study by Soviets Cited."

The Defense Intelligence Agency has released a report on heavy Communist research on microwaves, including their use as weapons. Microwaves are used in radar, television and microwave ovens. They can cause disorientation and possibly heart attacks in humans.

Another biological effect with possible anti-personnel uses is "microwave hearing." "Sounds and possibly even words which appear to be originating intracranially (within the head) can be induced by signal modulation at very low average power densities," the report said.

According to the study, Communist work in this area "has great potential for development into a system for disorienting or disrupting the behavior patterns of military or diplomatic personnel."

2007, Washington Post Magazine, January 14, 2007, "Mind Games," Sharon Weinberger.

But there are hints of ongoing research: an academic paper written for the Air Force in the mid-1990s mentions the idea of a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person's head. "The signal can be a 'message from God' that can warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender," the author concluded.

In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology: using microwaves to send words into someone's head. That work is frequently cited on mind-control Web sites. Rich Garcia, a spokesman for the research laboratory's directed energy directorate, declined to discuss that patent or current or related research in the field, citing the lab's policy not to comment on its microwave work.

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed for this article, the Air Force released unclassified documents surrounding that 2002 patent, records that note that the patent was based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects, albeit with marginal intelligibility. Research appeared to continue at least through 2002.

Where this work has gone since is unclear, the research laboratory, citing classification, refused to discuss it or release other materials.

2001, Los Angeles Times, January 29, 2005, "Giving Until It Hurts," Kim Murphy.  

In 2001, President Vladimir V. Putin signed into law a bill making it illegal to employ "electromagnetic, infrasound ... radiators" and other weapons of "psychotronic influence" with intent to cause harm. An official note attached to the bill said Russian scientists were trying to create "effective methods of  influence of humans at a distance."  Actual Russian law and background information posted here.  http://mindjustice.org/russ9-05.htm

1999, European Parliament, resolution, EU A4-005/99, "Resolution on the Environment, Security, and Foreign Policy," passed on January 29, 1999. http://www.europarl.eu.int/sg/tree/en/ Path: Activities; Plenary Sessions; Reports; A4 number; 0005.

The draft resolution specifically discussed the serious concerns regarding electromagnetic radiation weapons. The final resolution "calls for an international convention introducing a global ban on all developments and deployments of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings."

1997, US News and World Report, July 7, 1997, "Wonder Weapons, The Pentagon's quest for nonlethal arms is amazing. But is it smart?" Douglas Pasternak.

For hundreds of years, sci-fi writers have imagined weapons that might use energy waves or pulses to know out, knock down, or otherwise disable enemies-without necessarily killing them. And for a good 40 years the U.S. military has quietly been pursuing weapons of this sort. Much of this work is still secret, and it has yet to produce a usable 'nonlethal' weapon. . . .

Scores of new contracts have been let, and scientists, aided by government research on the 'bioeffects' of beamed energy, are searching the electromagnetic and sonic spectrums for wavelengths that can affect human behavior. . . .

"The human body is essentially an electrochemical system, and devices that disrupt the electrical impulses of the nervous system can affect behavior and body functions. But these programs, particularly those involving antipersonnel research, are so well guarded that details are scarce. "People [in the military] go silent on this issue," says Slesin [Microwave News editor, Louis Slesin] "more than any other issue. People just do not want to talk about this."

1996, Reuters World Service, May 30, 1996, "Microwave and Acoustic Weapons Pose New Threats," Jim Della-Giacoma.

"There are indications that [electromagnetic weapons] may have adverse affects on the brain," she [Louise Doswald-Beck, Deputy Head of the legal division of the Geneva-based ICRC(International Committee for the Red Cross)] . . . Doswald-Beck said all developed countries were doing research on microwave and acoustic weapons. "

The U.S. makes a lot of mention of it in its specialised literature but then they say it's classified. The same goes with some European countries. The West assumes that Russia's doing it, but it is kept under wraps," she said. Doswald-Beck said the ICRC was unable to do the early research on banning microwave and acoustic weapons because they were shrouded in secrecy.

Doswald-Beck said last October's adoption of Protocol IV of the 1980 U.N. Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons on Blinding Laser Weapons showed new weapons could be controlled.

1994, Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, September/October 1994, "'Non-Lethal' Weapons May Violate Treaties," Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, 45.

Many of the non-lethal weapons under consideration utilize infrasound or electromagnetic energy (including lasers, microwave, or radio-frequency radiation, or visible light pulsed at brain-wave frequency) for their effects.

These weapons are said to cause temporary or permanent blinding, interference with mental processes, modification of behavior and emotional response, seizures, severe pain, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea, or disruption of internal organ functions in various other ways. . . .

The current surge of interest in electromagnetic and similar technologies makes the adoption of a protocol explicitly outlawing the use of these dehumanizing weapons an urgent matter.

1990, International Review of the Red Cross, November 1, 1990, "The Development of New Antipersonnel Weapons," Louise Doswald-Beck, Gerald C. Cauderay, 279.

However it is important to mention that the lethal or incapacitating effects which can be expected from weapon systems using this technology can be produce with much lower energy levels. Using the principle of magnetic field concentration, which permits the control of the geometry on the target, by means of antenna systems especially designed for the purpose, the radiated energy can be concentrated on very small surfaces of the human body, for example the base of the brain where relatively low energy can produce lethal effects.

It seems that with currently available technology, serious consideration could be given to the production of such weapon systems, which could have a range of approximately 15 km and could sweep a zone with a series of fast pulses. Unprotected soldiers within this zone could be put hors de combat or killed within a few seconds. Such a weapon could be installed on a truck and would therefore be easily transportable.

In spite of the rarity of publications on this subject, and the fact that it is usually strictly classified information, research undertaken in this field seems to have demonstrated that very small amounts of electromagnetic radiation could appreciably alter the functions of living cells.

Research work has also revealed that pathological effects close to those induced by highly toxic substances could be produced by electromagnetic radiation even at very low power, especially those using a pulse shape containing a large number of different frequencies. . . .

Some research seems to have confirmed that low-level electromagnetic fields, modulated to be similar to normal brainwaves, could seriously affect brain function. Experiments with pulsed magnetic fields carried out in animals have reportedly produced specific effects such as inducing sleep and triggering anxiety or aggressiveness, depending on the modulation of the frequency used.

It is, on the other hand, well known that lethal effects can also be produced by using higher power levels than those used for the experiments on behavior modification. An anti-personnel weapon based on such biophysical principles could produce similar effects to those of a nerve gas, but would have no secondary effects and leave no lasting trace.

1988, Washington AP, May 22, 1988, "Looking at the Moscow Signal, the Zapping of an Embassy 35 years later, The Mystery Lingers," Barton Reppert.

Richard S. Cesaro, deputy director for advanced sensors at the Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency helped run Project Pandora, in which monkeys were [tested] . . in a laboratory at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

"In our experiments we did some remarkable things. And there was no question in my mind that you can get into the brain with microwaves."

Arguing that the Soviet bloc's investment of funds, personnel and laboratory facilities in research on non-ionizing radiation [electromagnetic radiation, (EMR) ] bioeffects has far outstripped the West's, he stated, "I look at it as still a major, serious, unsettled threat to the security of the United States, . . ."

"If you really make the breakthrough, you've got something better than any bomb ever built, because when you finally come down the line you're talking about controlling people's minds."

1981, NBC Television Network, July 16, 1981, "NBC Magazine with David Brinkley," No. 47592, p. 3,13,14.

David Brinkley: "As I say I find it hard to believe, it is crazy and none of us here knows what to make of it: the Russian Government is known to be trying to change human behavior by external electronic influences. We do know that much. And we know that some kind of Russian transmitter is bombarding this country with extreme low frequency radio waves." . . .

"This man's name is William Bise. . . . for the past four years he has traveled the Pacific Northwest monitoring strange radio signals."

Garreck Utley: "To what extent can you disrupt the mental process, the brain through the use of electronic fields, microwaves?

Bise: "Will I would think that the easiest way to do it would be microwaves."

Garreck Utley: "Bise has limited equipment but other sources, some of them classified, have traced the signals to transmitters in the Soviet Union. Those sources will not discuss their work. Bise will."

1985, The United Nations and Disarmament: 1945-1985 by the UN Department for Disarmament Affairs, 114-116 (1985) New York, UN Publication Sales No. E.85.IX.6.

a. "Infrasonic "acoustic radiation" weapons. They would utilize harmful effects of infrasonic oscillations on biocurrents of the brain and nervous system; . . .

Electromagnetic weapons operating at certain radio-frequency radiations, which could have injurious effects on human organs. Within a few years, devices capable of directional transmission of electromagnetic radiation of enormous power over distances of several hundred kilometres might be developed, and radiation density in excess of safety standards could be produced over areas measuring dozens of square kilometres."

1979, UN Committee on Disarmament Document CD/35, July 10, 1979, "Negotiations on the Question of the Prohibition of New Types of Weapons of Mass Destruction and New Systems of Such Weapons," V. L. Issraelyan, Representative of the USSR to the Committee on Disarmament.

Means using electromagnetic radiation to affect biological target.

As a result of research into the effects of electromagnetic radiation on biological targets, the existence of harmful effects of radio-frequency radiations within a wide range of frequencies on such vitally important organs of the human as the heart, the brain and the central nervous system may now be regarded as a firmly established fact.

Assessments quoted in international literature of the potential danger of the development of a new weapon of mass destruction are based on the results of research into the so-called "non-thermal" effects of electromagnetic radiation on biological targets. These effects may take the form of damage to or disruption of the functioning of the internal organs and systems of the human organism or of changes in its functioning.

1977, New York Times, August 12, 1977, "US Rejects Soviet Proposals at Geneva Disarmament Conference for Comprehensive International Treaty Banning New Weapons of Mass Destruction," A7.

US representative Adrian Fisher says US believes best approach is to work out separate agreements outlawing specific weapons, once they become public knowledge. Soviet delegate Viktor I. Likhachev says that 'important component' of revised version is list of types of armaments to be prohibited. Proposed list covers non-explosive radioactive weapons, infrasonic and electromagnetic radiation weapons.

1986, Summary of World Broadcasts January 21, 1986, "Tass for abroad, Press Conference on Gorbachev's Nuclear Arms Elimination Proposals," BBC, A1. [Online] Available: Lexis-Nexis/Miltry.

Weapons based on new physical principles would include, amongst others, means in which physical principles which have not been used hitherto are used to strike at personnel, military equipment and objectives. Amongst weapons of this kind one might include beam, radio-wave, infrasonic, geophysical and genetic weapons. In their strike characteristics these types of weapons might be no less dangerous than mass strike weapons.

The Soviet Union considers it necessary to establish a ban on the development of arms of this kind. The Soviet Union has not carried out, nor does it intend to carry out either tests of such arms, or even less so, the deployment of them. It will seek to ensure that all other countries do not do so either.

1976, Los Angeles Times, March 29th 1976, "Mind Reading Machine Tells Secrets of the Brain Sci-Fi Comes True," Norman Kempster.

Washington-In a program out of science fiction, the government is developing mind-reading machines that can show, among other things, whether a person is fatigued, puzzled or daydreaming. . . . Scientist working under agency contracts at the University of Illinois, UCLA, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester and in laboratories other facilities have been able to determine an individual's alertness from his brain waves. . . .

George H. Heilmeier, director of the research agency, dropped tantalizing hints about the EEG program in his annual report to Congress. Although he has provided few details, enough has been said about the program to raise some questions.

For example, could these systems be used to read the minds of prisoners of war or to pick the brains of unsuspecting American citizens. Highly unlikely, agency scientists say.

For one thing, the EEG must be individually calibrated. Brain-wave graphs mean different things for different persons. So it is necessary to obtain a baseline graph by having each individual think a specific series of thoughts.

"It is quick and easy to make the calibration but it must be done for each individual." one scientist explained. Besides, under present programs, it is necessary to place electrodes on the individual's head. It does not hurt but it could scarcely be done secretly.

At MIT, however, scientists are studying magnetic brain waves that can produce graphs much like the electrical brain waves now being measured. Scientists for the research agency say it may be possible to pick up magnetic waves a foot or two from the subject's head, perhaps by placing a receiver in the back of a chair.

Could these waves be projected over distances greater than a few feet? "We are now talking about a foot or several feet," one scientist said. "But the research agency has a pretty good idea of what it could be doing in the 1980s.

1977, Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources United States Senate, September 20 and 21, 1977, "Human Drug Testing by the CIA," Testimony of former CIA mind control researcher, Sidney Gottlieb MD.

In the judgment of the CIA, there was tangible evidence that both the Soviets and the Red Chinese might be using techniques of altering human behavior which were not understood by the USA and which would have implications of national survival in the context of national security concerns at that time. It was felt to be mandatory and of the utmost urgency for our intelligence organization to establish what was possible in this field on a high priority basis."(Subcommittee, 169)

As I remember it, there was a current interest, running interest, all the time in what affects people's standing in the field of radio energy have, and it could easily have been that somewhere in many projects, someone was trying to see if you could hypnotize somebody easier if he was standing in a radio beam. . . . I would remind you that the problem of radio waves and what it does to people is [an] extremely current interest in connection with events in an important embassy overseas now. There is great concern about that." (Subcommittee, 202)

II. High profile cases similar to the case of Tek Nath Rizal.

2009, Targeting of former Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya during Brazilian Embassy siege.

"A military-led coup toppled him in June but on 21 September he sneaked back into Honduras to lobby for his reinstatement and, to the chagrin of the army and the de facto government led by Roberto Micheletti, found refuge in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa. . . .

In the first weeks, Zelaya was sleeping in the much larger office of ambassador, but then he thought the room was too vulnerable. He claims he is being subjected to an "electron bombardment with microwaves" which produces "headache and organic destabilisation". To try to protect from these alleged attacks, all windows of the office where Zelaya spends much of his time with his closest aides or on the phone were covered with aluminum foil, creating a sort of low-budget sci-fi movie set. . . .

Last week the Permanent Council of the Organisation of American States (OAS) condemned "the hostile action by the de facto regime against the embassy of Brazil in Tegucigalpa and the harassment of its occupants through deliberate actions that affect them physically and psychologically and violate their human rights." Guardian online, October 25, 2009, "Manuel Zelaya undergoes strange siege inside Brazilian embassy" Fabiano Maisonnave. See http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/oct/25/honduras-manuel-zelaya-embassy-siege

2007, Beginning with the Cold War and continuing today, thousands of allegations of illegal U.S. government mind control experiments and targeting.

"To most, the people who think the government is beaming voices into their heads are paranoid loonies in foil helmets. Trouble is, the government has pursued weapons that could do just that." Allegations of illegal mind control experiments going back to the 1960s finally make headline news. Ed Moore, a young medical doctor described his inspiring efforts to study for an electrical engineering degree in spite of voices that taunt him 24/7. Washington Post Magazine, January 14, 2007, "Is it paranoia? Or the Pentagon? Mind Games" by Sharon Weinberger.

Jonathan Moreno wrote in his 2006 Journal of the American Medical Association, (JAMA) reviewed book Mind Wars, Brain Research and National Defense that "there are thousands" who contacted him because they believe they are victimized by government mind control experiments.

Victims from around the globe are going public in increasing numbers. For example, victims report similar claims from China, Japan, Europe, India, South Africa, and more. See: http://mindjustice.org/victims.htm

2005, Alleged mind control experiments on Iraqi detainees.

And from the former detainees from Guantanamo Bay that I've interviewed it seems exactly the same things are going on there. I said to a man called Jamal al-Harith how do you feel, you know how did you feel at Guantanamo Bay and he said "felt like a laboratory rat." And he said, "I felt they were trying stuff out on me." . . .

And one example is with Barney the purple dinosaur. When it was announced a year ago that they were rounding up prisoners of war in Iraq and blasting them with Barney the purple dinosaur, it was treated as a funny story, because, by all the major news networks in America, you know . . . the torture wasn't that bad. . . . It was disseminated as funny because who wants to replace a funny story with, as Eric [Olson] once said to me, with one that's not fun. . . .

I was given seven photographs of a detainee who had just been given the Barney treatment as they called it. It was 48 hours of Barney with flashing strobe lights inside a shipping container in the desert heat. . . .

The current chief of staff of the Army is a man called General Pete Shoemaker. . . . He's well known to have an interest in these paranormal esoteric military pursuits. . . . So now is the time when I know that these ideas go to the very top [levels of the military].

One of the things you spoke of, the one that I have knowledge of is the frequencies. You can follow a trail of patents like footprints in the snow and the patents sometimes vanish into the world of military classification. And there's many patents bought up by a man called Dr. Oliver Lowry. . . .

So we know that these patents have been bought up by the military. . . . And the detainees of Guantanamo I've spoken to speak of being blasted with frequencies, put inside music, high and low frequencies, masked with music.

I think there's no doubt they're experimenting with this stuff. To add to that controversial suggestion. I think there's a good chance that even though they're trying this stuff out, it's not necessarily true that it works. A lot of this stuff doesn't work. This may or may not work. I don't know. Jon Ronson, author of the New York Times reviewed 2005 book and 2009 movie, "The Men Who Stare at Goats." Ronson discussed mind control in a 2005 book interview. (Tape available from Cspan, Book TV at www.booktv.org. Videotape # 186334)

1995, Mind control surveillance alleged in President Yeltzin's Kremlin.

There is "a widespread belief among staff that they are now subject to a level of surveillance undreamed of even during the worst days of the KGB." "In any organization you are bound to get a few people who get paranoid," said Sergei Parkhomenko, the Russian journalist who has put together a dossier of the strange goings-on, "but everybody I talk to at the Kremlin confirms the nightmare."

During a recent Kremlin meeting, "an experienced presidential aide and speech writer who is known for her iron strength of character and calm temperament" screamed at a feared Russian General Greorgy Rogozin: "Don't you ever try to control my subconscious ever again." "The mysterious and alarming Rogozin officially heads an analytical team whose intelligence is so jealously guarded that it is delivered by a courier whose arrival is heralded by a coded telephone call. . .

Rozogin is one of only three generals in the presidential team along with Korzhakov and Admiral Zakharov, the man who masterminded the 1993 storming of the White House." Plain Dealer, May 13, 1995, "The Kremlin's Gray Eminence" Miranda Anichkina, B1.

1993, Soviet Army's Special Forces used mind control technology during the conflict in Afghanistan.

Federal law enforcement officials considered testing a Russian scientist's acoustic mind control device [for an ongoing domestic hostage situation] on cultist David Koresh a few weeks before the fiery conflagration that killed the branch Davidian leader and more than 70 of his followers in Waco, Texas, Defense Electronics has learned.

In a series of closed meetings beginning March 17 in suburban Northern Virginia with Dr. Igor Smirnov of the Moscow Medical Academy, FBI officials were briefed on the Russian's decade-long research on a computerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person's mind without that person being aware of the source of the thought. . . .

"They wanted the Russians to promise zero risk," in using the device on Koresh, but the Russians wouldn't do that," the participant said. Another obstacle was the fact Smirnov had only brought "entry-level equipment" and more sophisticated hardware would have had to be rushed over from Russia before the device could be used in an attempt to end the standoff in Texas. As a result, Koresh and his band were not used as test subjects . . .

There was a strong interest among the intelligence agencies because they had been tracking Smirnov for years," the participant said, "and because we know there is evidence the Soviet Army's Special Forces used the technology during the conflict in Afghanistan."

Alcohol and drug abuse among Red Army soldiers was so pervasive during the Afghan war that Soviet officials relied upon the technology in preparing troops for missions involving atrocities against civilians. Defense Electronics, July 1993 "DOD, Intel Agencies Look at Russian Mind Control Technology: Claims FBI Considered Testing on Koresh," 17, Mark Tapscott.

1992, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein alleges CIA targeting.

"An Iraqi newspaper published by Saddam Hussein's son Uday reported that the United States and Israel employed psychics to try to kill the Iraqi president during the Persian Gulf War. The CIA used psychotronics and biocommunication to cause a blood clot in the brain or heart of President Saddam Hussein," the newspaper Babel said. . . .

It said that U.S. and Israeli agents also tried to concentrate cosmic rays on Saddam's skin in an effort to cause "ulceration and skin cancer."" Houston Chronicle, December 27, 1992, "CIA Plot All in the Mind" by Bill Wampler, A-22.

1992, With the break up of the Soviet Union, thousands of alleged Russian mind control victims go public.

There may be a scientific explanation for the rigid-faced inflexibility of Soviet-era border guards and soldiers, after all. Reports have emerged of a top secret program of "psychotronic" brainwashing techniques developed by the KGB and the Ministry. The techniques, which include debilitating high frequency radio waves, hypnotic computer-scrambled sounds and mind-bending electromagnetic fields, as well as an ultrasound gun capable of killing a cat at fifty meters, were originally developed for medical purposes and adapted into weapons, said journalist Yury Vorobyovsky, who has been investigating the program for three years.

Ecology and Living Environment, an environmental and civil liberties group which claims a membership of 500 people in Moscow, has set up an association of "Victims of Psychotronic Experimentation," who have filed damages claims against the Federal Security Service, or FSB, and the government. Unfortunately, since by definition many of the victims are psychologically disturbed, there is a problem of verification. "The Health Ministry and the FSB are doing medical experiments on over a million innocent people," said Ecology and Living

Environment President Emilia Cherkova, an ex-member of Zelenograd's local council. Cherkova wears a lead helmet in bed to protect herself against the rays she says the government beams into her flat. "They put chemicals in the water and use magnets to alter your mind. We are fighting to prove to the authorities that we are not mad." . . .

Nevertheless, the State Duma is taking the matter seriously enough to draft a law on "security of the individual," which will include regulation of subliminal advertising and pseudo-religious sects, as well as imposing state controls on all equipment in private hands which can be used as "psychotronic weaponry." . . .

"The law is pre-emptive," said Vladimir Lopatin, chairman of the [Duma's] drafting committee. "The equipment that now exists in laboratories must be very strictly controlled to prevent it from being sold to the private sector." . . . "Of course this project is surrounded with a lot of hysteria and conjecture," said Lopatin of the Duma committee. "Something that was secret for so many years is the perfect breeding ground for conspiracy theories.” Moscow Times, July 11, 1995, "Report: Soviets Used Top-Secret 'Psychotronic' Weapons," Owen Matthews.

1988, FBI Whistleblower alleges targeting with EMR government mind control.

Government officials estimate that [Rex] Niles had handed over millions in under-the-table payments to employees of leading contractors in exchange for lucrative subcontracts before he secretly turned government witness-and began an undercover campaign with the FBI to sting the crooked buyers who had depended on his largess.

Niles' work as an informant led to the conviction of 19 industry buyers and supervisors on fraud, tax evasion and kickback charges, and Niles retired in triumph in April of 1987, lauded for his "unprecedented cooperation," into the Federal Witness Protection Program.

But in the way stories have of not ending the way they are supposed to, . . . Instead, he is living in a suburban home outside Los Angeles, sleeping under a makeshift foil tent fashioned to block the microwaves he believes are killing him. . . .

He has produced testimony from his sister, a Simi Valley woman who swears that helicopters have repeatedly circled over her home. An engineer measured 250 watts of microwaves in the atmosphere inside Niles' house and found a radioactive disc underneath the dash of his car. . . . "This has been a very tough story to tell people," Niles admitted. "They have a hard time believing it.

They wonder how could I have this much audacity and this much vanity, to think that I'm worth this kind of a push, this much manpower, equipment, airplanes, helicopters, at one point, 14 lasers. It isn't that I'm worth it. It's because they've got so much to protect. . . ." Los Angeles Times, March 28, 1988, "A Fearful Fix Grips Figure in Kickbacks," Kim Murphy, Metro,1.

1986, Microwave targeting of the Greenham Commons nuclear protestors.

Doctors are compiling a report on the conditions of a number of Greenham Common peace women who have had symptoms which are consistent with the known neurophysiological effects of electromagnetic waves, or low level radiation. These symptoms range from headache and dizziness to difficulties of concentration or memory.

Dr. Farrow, who is senior lecturer in epidemiology of the University College of Wales Medical College said that academic research into similar claims was being conducted in Canada. . . . the American military have an intruder detection system call BISS. Base installation Security System which operates on a sufficiently high frequency to bounce radar waves off a human body moving in the vicinity of a perimeter fence.

A similar Bristish system has been developed and has been acquired by the Ministry of Defence since April, 1984. . . . The Greenham women claim that meter tests outside the camp, taken at times when women have experienced the symptoms, have shown a marked increase in background microwave signal levels. . . .

The Ministry of Defence denies that any form of electronic signals are being used on the women. Guardian newspaper, March 10, 1986, "Doctors Investigating Claims of Greenham Radiation Cases: Peace Women Fear Electronic Zapping at Base," Gareth Parry.

1966, U.S. Holland, Denmark victims allege CIA mind control.

Seymour Hersh, the exemplary demon of investigative journalism (whose work on biological warfare research opened up this broad topic of exotic military technologies, well before his My Lai reportage made his broader reputation), regularly received twenty-page reports from various persons alleging incredible CIA ventures into brainwashing and mind-control, Frankensteinean technology, conspiracy with the UFO monsters. What can he do with their muddles of paranoia concerning dimensions themselves so unlikely but rubbish them or pass them on to the curious, since there are more substantial, vital, and immediate matters to look into than he and all the serious journalists of the land can deal with anyway?

I imagine the documents he gets are scrawled by hand or typewritten single-space with narrow margins and poorly reproduced, as are those which reach me-such as the ones from this fellow Steen Kaare H. in Denmark, which have come in the mail irregularly for three years. H. claims that he has been the victim of experiments in the telepathic control conducted by military psychologists of the Danish secret service since 1966. He didn't realize where the strange voices and commands came from until he uncovered direct observers in 1971; since then he has been trying to get someone official to listen to him, but no one will take the idea seriously.

His letters are obsessive, frantic yet disciplined, with the grandiose cold-logic of paranoia; he suggests that the experiments were (are) conducted in conjunction with US intelligence agencies, since the US had reason to keep its NATO allies adequately advanced in espionage methods and potentials (and perhaps to perform its own research so far afield).

His letters are no more disordered than might be expected from someone to whom this had actually happened, and no less. Sometimes he encloses letters seemingly from another man, B. of Holland, who caught up with H. by mail a year after his own odyssey began.

The Amsterdam clairvoyant R. allegedly perceived a 'spying-plot' of the CIA in 1974, itself employing parapsychological mean in the context of a broader interdisciplinary effort; and b. set out to warn the Portuguese and other embassies in The Hague about the dangers of CIA manipulations 'which do undermine the independence and democracy of peoples.' B's English is quaint but not otherwise disorderly, given his flight to Geneva after what he perceived as a series of threats and incidents, not psychic but concrete.

He took his case to the civil right division of the United Nations; and says the president of the Swiss Federation of Human Rights informed him of three cases similar to his, divided between the CIA and the KGB. Footnote 89.

Please forgive me, H, for not responding to your letters since 1976, in particular to the one requesting a place to stay for a time while you were in America. I thought you were probably crazy, and we were too overloaded that season to deal with more stress; and if you were not, you seemed quite too dangerous a man to have my family connected with. Nor had I collected until now the data to suggest plausibly that the CIA et al. might actually have had the means and purposes to do what you describe.

Page 155, Footnote 89. My inquiries addressed to the officials of the groups in question received no response. "Psychic Warfare, Fact or Fiction? An investigation into the use of the mind as a military weapon," edited by John White, Aquarian Press, Thorson's Publishing Group, England, 1988, Chapter 9, "On Some Matters of Concern in Psychic Research," by Michael Rossman, p.142-3.

1960, U.S. pilots shot down by Soviets examined by CIA. Some type of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) is possible explanation of pilot's "considerable personality alteration."

Robert Becker was an EMR expert and consultant to the CIA, investigating possible nonthermal EMR effects on fighter pilots shot down by the Soviets, as reported in a 1984 BBC TV documentary, "Opening Pandora's Box." Nonthermal bioeffects of EMR are any effects other than heating as in a microwave oven. The official government position is that there are no bioffects of EMR other than heating effects.

Becker was asked by the CIA in the early 60s to determine whether pilots being shot down and captured by Soviets "had personality changes induced in them by exposure to EMR which they were not aware of." The pilots were interned by the Soviets for two to six weeks.

They were psychologically tested before they went on a flight, and again, after they were released by the Soviets. The psychological test results revealed "considerable personality alterations" after Soviet internment. During debriefing sessions, pilots reported they were treated well, and were not aware of any EMR exposure by Soviets.

Becker said "I told them [the CIA] I thought it was a distinct possibility, but that no one could give them that answer, for sure, at this present time, at that time. "Opening Pandora's Box," David Jones, prod., Fulcrum Central Productions, BBC documentary, Channel 4, England, 1984.

1954, The Russian political prisoner, Andre Slepucha and "microwave hearing."

Slepucha stated; "In November 1954 I came into contact with what today is referred to as "Psychotronic Treatment" for the first time. Back then they took me out of the concentration camp where, under Stalin, I had been imprisoned as a political prisoner, and brought me into an isolation cell in the KGB prison which was located in the Lubyanka.

After an approximately two week long continuous occupation of the cell I suddenly experienced in the morning strong sounds in the head, very strong acoustic and visual hallucinations. 1998 ZDF Television documentary: "Geheimes Ruáland. Moskau, Die Zombies der roten Zaren" [translation: "Secret Russia. Moscow, The Zombies of the Red Czars", documentary by Jerzy Sladkowski] ZDF Programmverwertung, Postfach 4040, 55100 Mainz, West-Germany.

1950, Korean Pow alleges EMR brainwashing.

Dr. Ross Adey, famous EMR researcher at Loma Linda Veterans Hospital, examined the Lida machine, from the Soviet Union. It was described as a machine to "rearrange consciousness." The Russians claimed to use it for treatment of emotional disorders in the 1950s. Dr. Adey stated that the Lida machine is now obsolete. It used coiled wire inside ear muffs which acted like an antenna and emitted 1/10 sec pulses of EMR.

Dr. Adey demonstrated that excited animals rapidly quiet down when exposed to the Lida EMR frequencies. There was one account that the Lida machine was used during the Korean war for brainwashing American Prisoners. "Opening Pandora's Box," David Jones, prod., Fulcrum Central Productions, BBC documentary, Channel 4, England, 1984.

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