Rizal’s third book hits the market

Posted on 04 November 2009 by Editor

From the Original Article in the Bhutan News Service

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Subash Chandra Nembang releasing Rizal’s book – torture killing me softly


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Nov 4: Speaker of the Nepal’s constituent assembly Subash Nembang unveiled a new book writing by Bhutanese human rights activist Tek Nath Rizal amidst a function in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

Nembang, addressing the function, said the testimony would be an eye opener for everyone to know about people being treated in the Bhutanese jails.

Nepalese lawmaker Indrajit Rai, who is also an military expert, expressed astonishment how Rizal managed to live even under the mind control device being used by the Bhutanese authorities in jail. He explained how mind control devices are used by the military rulers to extract or compel the prisoners to confess the allegations.

Indian journalist Ananda Swaroop Verma said it was shame for his country, which claims to be the largest democracy in world, to continue protecting a ruthless ruler ignoring the democratic fighters of Bhutan.

Other speakers suggested reading the book ‘torture killing me softly’ once to know the reality behind Bhutanese monarch’s inhuman behavior towards its advisor.

This book of around 200 pages is jointly published by Human Rights Without Frontier Nepal and Group for International Solidarity Nepal.

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